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Monday, August 31, 2015

Thou Heifer

Hermana Blackmer y yo
WELL. This week happened. Here's your weekly day-by-day breakdown:

Monday: Had some P-day stuff going on. Taught our investigator, Michael, who is now on date to be baptized! He does have a problem with tithing, though. Oh well. He'll get over it. Then, we went to talk to our investigator who was supposed to get baptized last Saturday, Gray, but she wasn't home, so we had a lesson with her Jehovah's Witness mother-in-law instead! It actually went really well.

Tuesday: Had zone conference. (More on that later.) We taught an investigator, Jess, the plan of salvation. She loved it, and we found out she's a cosmetologist, so haircuts are totally in our realm of possibility with her. We had dinner with a member and ended up talking to her neighbor afterwards because her neighbor had 4 cats and one was pregnant. I gave in. But it was worth it. We got a return appointment and everything! We saw our other on date, Amigo with a less-active, and he's doing awesome. He committed to baptism and to stop smoking. Kudos to him. And then we saw Gray and taught her about tithing. She's nervous to be baptized, but totally down.

Wednesday: Went tracting. Met a really nice white guy and found some awesome potentials. Did some service at the food bank. Went knocking some more and found some more awesome potentials. Had dinner with a member, and I MADE MY VERY FIRST TORTILLA! LIKE A REAL LATINO! Soy Mexicana! It was a very exciting time in my life. They celebrated by eating my tortillas for me. :) They're so thoughtful like that. :) Then we saw Gray and went over tithing/ priesthood because she wanted Hermana Blackmer and I to baptize her... #comosediceawkward? But she's super awesome and ready to be baptized.

Thursday: We did four hours of service for the firefighters up in Okanogon and the Salvation Army. We ate dinner. And then we waited for 3 hours in the church while Gray was supposed to have her baptismal interview. (She showed up an hour and a half late...) I ended up practicing the piano and organ, and Gray passed her baptismal interview! She just needs to keep the law of chastity now... We're still working on that. Funny story: She brought her 4 year old with her, and he was playing inside with his mom during her interview. He came outside, and we didn't know what to do, so we took him to the nursery and had to leave him because we can't be alone with children... He peeked his head out a couple minutes later and said: "Hey. I peed my pants man." Hermana Blackmer, Elder Woodward, and I looked at each other with horrified glances and ended up finding an old, big jacket from the lost and found that he could wear instead. Awkward...

Friday: Weekly planning. We got to go to the mission home for the first time. We had a great talk with President and Sister Lewis. A member bought us Arby's for dinner. (I miss curly fries.) And then we talked to Michael about faith. He asked us about extraterrestrials, so that was fun answering in Spanish. #giftoftongues And then we saw Gray and went over the 10 Commandments.

Saturday: Did some service out in the wind. I pulled a few Marilyn Monroes. Luckily, I was wearing tights. I also slid into a gravel driveway like a baseball player does to home base while chasing after runaway trash bags. The things I do for people. We saw some potentials, got lost driving to Cowiche to contact a referral, bought ourselves a pizza for getting un-lost, and invited everyone to come to a baptism! Nobody came. Oh well. Next week.

Sunday: I realized that I had to give a 20 minute talk in church during personal study, so I wrote that during personal and language study. Then, we went to church and 5 of our investigators showed up. It was a miracle. Michael, Amigo, and Gray all came along with a new investigator and a part member family. I gave my 20 minute talk perfectly in Spanish, butchered playing the organ in sacrament meeting for the first time, and rewarded myself with a Chewy bar because I didn't get breakfast or lunch. We went around contacting referrals and asking people if we could help them until it was time for dinner. We got kicked out of dinner by the elders because we were in their area, and we can't eat dinner together, and we went to see Amigo. He loved church and we had an awesome lesson with him. He's going to try to be a better example to others this week.

As for zone conference: President Packer's son, Elder Packer, presided at our zone conference. Was I ripped in to? You better believe it! I loved it! He focused on doing the little things to keep the Spirit with us, so I invite all of you to look for the little things to keep the Spirit with you. Something awkward: The assistants asked us to roleplay in companionships, so we did. Then, after we roleplayed they said, "Now we're going to have a demonstration." Guess who they called? Hermana Blackmer. I was a luck added bonus. It was terrifying roleplaying teaching skills in front of an apostle, but it all worked out in the end.

As for the subject line, Hermana Blackmer and I have random conversations. She asked me to pretend to be a guy and then she asked me how old I was. I replied: "Thou heifer! Asking a man his age is like asking a woman her weight. You don't do that, you imbecile!" We died laughing. We say it to everyone to argues with us now. (Not to their face, of course. It's just added in the car.)

Well. Hope you had a miraculous week! Paz afuera!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

This Sprite can describes my life.

My late welcome to Yakima.

I had 9 months. (I probably look bigger than Rebecca).

And the delivery. The gigantic delicious watermelon from the food bank.

Us with President Lewis.

Me with Sister Lewis.

Hermana Blackmer y yo in our favorite room in the mission home. (It has a window seat..)

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