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Monday, August 24, 2015

Halfway there!

Hola a todos!

This week was super eventful as I hit my 9 month mark out in the mission field. YIKES! I have officially reached middle age mission-life. I don't know if I can handle all the hot and cold flashes I have ahead of me!

Anyways, in missionary news, here's what happened this week:

Monday: We saw one of our investigators who's kind of an eternigator and figured out his problem! Yay! Then we met with Presidente (of la rama) and a part member family for some pozole and a scriptural thought. Presidente made the best faces, and it was there that I found out he could be funny.

Tuesday: We had a great district council about LOVE. I thought I was pretty loving. Guess I need to repent and be better. We also went tracting and talked to some awesome white people who referred us to one of our new investigators! Man, I love it when people give us referrals while tracting. It's the best. Then, we taught our on date for baptism (SATURDAY!) the word of wisdom. She has no problems. It made us two very happy missionaries. Then we saw a different investigator who asked us about the apostasy and baptism. He seems super interested, so I'll enjoy teaching him.

Wednesday: We got our oil changed, did some service at the food bank, got a huge watermelon (I'll send a picture of it next week.), and went to Les Schwab to get our tires rotated. 2 hours later we found out they couldn't rotate our tires because the tread was 2/32... It was bad. We saw a less-active who's seriously like my grandma. I love her and shared an awesome scripture with her. Then, we had a super late dinner with a member. As we were eating dessert, two random guys came to fix her lawnmower, so we had a lesson with them. Hermana Blackmer and I still can't decide if they were flirting with us or sincerely interested. Yeah... Awkward... We're completely oblivious, we know. Probably not the best combination.

Thursday: Got new tires. That was fun. The car moves much better now. Did some service at the Salvation Army. We were the regular worker's salvation because nobody else came that day. That was fun. We had an awesome dinner with a recent convert who's going to teach us how to cook like Mexicans and speak Mixteco. Then we saw another investigator, shared some funny stories and the plan of salvation, and foolishly promised him chocolate if he came to church on Sunday. (He didn't come, so guess who gets to eat the chocolate!)

Friday: Some great miracles and weekly planning. We put our investigator that we saw on Monday on date to be baptized on September 12th! He's excited and so are we. Then we saw our investigator who's getting baptized this week and got her a priesthood blessing. We prayed that she'd come home before the elders got there, and the elder's car broke down... They blame us. We accept it. Her priesthood blessing was super powerful and she's really excited to be baptized now! We're so excited for her. She bawled for a good 20 minutes. :) The Spirit was SOOOO STRONG!

Saturday: We did some service. I got attacked by spiders. I have the wounds on my ankles to prove it. We saw some investigators and less actives and had dinner with the Sister Training Leaders. They were very grateful for the ride in our car because they're walking missionaries and Yakima is on fire, so the air here isn't that great. It was a great day.

Sunday: Church was awesome. Hermana Blackmer locked her Spanish scriptures in the church, but we were able to teach without them. We saw a less-active family in a miracle stop by. The oldest boy turns 12 today, and he comes to church regularly, so he's so excited to receive the priesthood! We bought him a purple tie for the occasion. It was a miracle.

And that was our week. It's been awesome. And this week will be even more awesome! We have zone conference tomorrow and Elder Packer from the Quorum of the 70 will be speaking to us. It should be a great call to repentance! I'll send my pregnancy pictures next week! Love you! Have a miraculous week!

Con carino,

Hermana Kennedy

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