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Monday, June 29, 2015

Another year gone...

President and Sister Ware

Well, this past year has been full of downs but of a lot of ups too! Thanks to everyone that's pulled me back up, I'm here on my mission right now! Muchas gracias a todos!

In other news, this week was kind of boring. Here's a run-down.

Monday: Awkwardly tracted into some members in Chelan... And awkwardly had a lesson with different people from the same family. The family members just kept leaving and coming until we were down to two. Fun stuff.

Tuesday: Served at the Food Bank. Had some studies and drove down to Wenatchee for a specialized training. We said goodbye to President and Sister Ware. We all weren't in tears or anything... It was like saying goodbye to my parents all over again. :( But the member that drove us bought us some ice cream, and it was all better. :) Had an awesome dinner and some awesome lessons with members too. We said goodbye to Bess, our exchange student we've been teaching. She went home on Wednesday. :( But, she mad us some fried rice before we left. :) Also, for exercise, we decided to start running up a dirt hill next to our house. Needless to say, I was a grandma for the next two days. Oh well. It's worth it!-

Wednesday: Had a lot of awkward lessons. We're really getting the hang of this whole mission thing. And met all of our daily goals by 4:45! So, life was pretty good.

Thursday: Did some service where we didn't pull weeds! We helped out investigator set up for a yard sale instead! Then we had some awesome lessons and an awkward homecourt. Sometimes I wish there was a "how to be a member missionary" class. Because the members are awesome and know everything! But our investigators know nothing, so the members forget that they have to teach simply... But they're awesome! Also, taught the Law of Chastity for the first time to a 12 year old boy who's on date for baptism. Como se dice awkward? And, we started teaching a less active how to read and write in Spanish! It was super awesome! One of his amigos sat in on the lesson and wants to come to English class! Miracles.

Friday: WE ACTUALLY FINISHED WEEKLY PLANNING! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! ONe of our investigators (who's a guy) almost forced us to come into his house, so we told him we had another appointment. He gave us a huge bag of cherries and we left. We actually did see another investigator and helped her clean her car. She was super happy. And to top it off, we gave her the bag of cherries! Even more happy. Then we left, bought some cheesecake for my birthday, and went home.

Saturday: I officially was no longer a teenager. So, we tried finding the Chelan investigators. (The elders left a lot of bad addresses, so...) We ended up just serving at the 2nd hand store in Chelan for 3.25 hours. We also went to Chelan Falls for the 1st time. It was kind of disappointing. So, we left to go to our dinner, an investigating family. They had made us seviche. (Spelling?) And when we got there, the investigator's daughter/ grandkids who are recent converts were there too! And they had made me a cake. :) They are the sweetest family ever! And then Bishop and his wife showed up. Apparently this was all planned, and I just didn't know about it. But then again, neither did Hermana Streuling, so it's all good. We spent the rest of the night just inviting people to church. It was awesome.

Sunday: Hermana Streuling and I ended up doing everything for Spanish sacrament meeting except blessing and passing the sacrament. We said the prayers, did the music, performed a musical number, and gave talks. It was pretty awesome. Especially since we started sacrament meeting with 4 people. Us, one of the bishopric, and a recent convert. ... ... ... And you guys think Mormon standard time is super late. You should try Spanish Mormon Standard time. After that, we spent the day in Chelan meeting less actives. We got chased down by one of our less actives in her wheelchair because Hermana Streuling forgot her scriptures. I died laughing. It was super funny.

And that's about it! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I appreciate all your love and support. You guys are awesome! Have a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermanita Kennedy

Sister Ware and I

Me and my birthday cake. Quiero pastel, pastel, pastel! Quiero pastel, pastel, pastel!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Older and Wiser (maybe)

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Como fue el Dia de los Padres? Mine was awesome. I ate a doughnut for you, Daddy! Hopefully, you like maple bars, because that's what I got. :) Anyways. This week on Saturday is my birthday! It's my one and only birthday away from home. It's very fitting that I move from my teenage years to my actual adult life while I'm on a mission. A mission changes you about as much as the years do. It's pretty wonderful. I have loved changing and watching everyone else change. It's been one of my favorite parts of the mission! Anyway. Enough about me.

Let's talk about: HERMANA STREULING! I LOVE HER! Which means that we'll probably go our separate ways next transfer, but as long as we work this transfer, we will have no regrets! She is so willing to work hard while still being herself. She is a much better missionary than I will probably ever be. She always asks what she can do to help, and she relates to everyone. She has no fear in talking to everyone as well. Definitely something I need to improve on. We'll see what the next six weeks bring for us.

Well, the area just got bigger! I'm so looking forward to serving in both Manson and Chelan with Hermana Streuling! The ward's kind of freaked out that they don't have elders anymore, but I'm sure they'll love us! (Well, they already do, but...) We know that there are plenty of miracles waiting to happen in this area, and we're both willing to work hard to get them! Quick story: One of our investigators gave us directions to his house. In Spanish. Very vaguely. We only know that he lives in a trailer by a sign and a yellow compost car. So, we decided to find him Friday. Couldn't. We tried again Saturday, and we couldn't. So we decided to knock on a trailer. We were there, and we had nothing better to do. So, this little Mexican woman came out and was kind of hostile. "Diga me". So, we did! We started talking about how we were missionaries and we shared a message about Jesus Christ. She basically quoted 2 Nephi 31:21 to us about how Christ was the way. She also said that she believes there could be a prophet today. Inspired questions were definitely a thing. Inspired answers were also a thing. We kept talking and she began opening up to us, and by the end she was pretty interested in learning more! We couldn't set up an appointment because she's working in apples and cherries which means that she's not available anything except 6 in the morning or 10 at night. Not exactly possible for us... But, we left her with a prayer, and she broke down, told us her life story, and asked us to pray for her! She's definitely been prepared for the gospel and recognizes the hope that the gospel brings. We're excited to find more people like her this transfer. (And of course baptize her too.)

Something spiritual: I've always loved being a Spanish speaking missionary. Latinos are much more open and humble than white people are. I have a friend serving in New York right now (Spanish Speaking) and he reminded me of a prophecy that Lehi or Nephi made. I can't remember which prophet. But, they said that all who came here to this county were led here to learn of the gospel. It's so true! At times, they're under the impression that they're here to earn more money or have a better life for their family, but they see the blessings of the gospel and are humble enough to accept them, knowing that it can help in all other things. It gives me hope that even if I'm not successful, I'm still planting seeds that other missionaries will reap one day. It's pretty awesome.

And that's about it. Have a miraculous week!

Con carino,

Hermana Kennedy

Monday, June 15, 2015

Drum roll, please!

The typical name-tag missionary in the distance picture.
Well, the transfer calls are in, AND......

I have been assigned to labor in the Washington Yakima mission, effective July 1, 2015. I'll serve under President and Sister Lewis from Utah here in Chelan and Manson. My new companion is Hermana Streuling. Hermana Taua will also be serving in the Yakima mission in Toppenish, Yakima. It has been such a blessing to serve with President and Sister Ware in the Washington Kennewick mission for the past 7 months. I'll miss them and the temple dearly, but I know that the Lord needs me in the Yakima mission right now. I look forward to opening a new mission. I just don't look forward to taking over an area that I've been in for a transfer and the elder's area too. The Elders that serve here in Chelan both got doubled out with no replacements, so Hermana Streuling and I will now cover all of Chelan and Manson! Fun, huh? (Not really. No. It's a huge area, and we don't have the miles for it...)

The rest of this week has been rather fabulous. We've seen a lot of miracles happen because Hermana Taua is being transferred. Concerns have been resolved, less-actives have been re-fellowshipped, Hispanics are finding time to come learn English, investigators have been brought to tears by the plan of salvation, I had a tuna fish sandwich for the first time, I also had seviche (spelling?) for the first time, we had a talent show with a part less-active/ non-member/ totally active family, and I got a priesthood blessing too! I never realized how much I needed any of that, but I did. Also, water is probably the greatest of God's creations, besides Jesus Christ and me, of course. It's super hot here, so we drink a lot of water. It's not as nice when you leave it out in the car to steam and evaporate for a couple of hours...

And, boy, do we have a miracle for you! So, a couple weeks ago, we were doing some service for an investigator. We had just gotten there and there was a guy walking down the street toward us. I stayed in the car to lather on some sunscreen while Hermana Taua got out to get our work gloves out of the trunk. She said "hola" to the guy, and the guy stopped and started talking to her. So, I grabbed my bag and jumped out of the car to be part of the conversation because it was all in Spanish and Hermana Taua and I need each other to understand and help with Spanish. We asked him if he wanted to learn English, and he said he was very interested! We gave him a Daily Dose card and he asked where it was. We told him at the church, and he said that he'd come to church too! So, I opened up my bag to get my planner and take his information and I had a bag of pretzels with me. He pointed at the pretzels and said "I love those", so out of the kindness of my heart and the better decisions of my abdominal muscles, I gave him the bag of pretzels, and he gave us his name, number, address, the whole scoop. He didn't come to church or Daily Dose last week, but Sunday morning, we had a crazy idea to call everyone to be at church. We called him, and he said he'd come. We thought he was just another Hispanic that said they'd come but never actually show up. Then, we got to church, helped a recent convert write his talk for sacrament meeting, and went to the Relief Society room for Spanish sacrament. We were talking to the elders when our Ward Mission Leader started talking with a guy and asked him his name. IT WAS THE GUY WE HAD CALLED! HE ACTUALLY CAME TO CHURCH! Hermana Taua and I freaked out. Not only did he come to sacrament meeting, BUT, he also stayed for Gospel Doctrine which answered his questions about the sacrament! Not only did he stay for Gospel Doctrine, BUT, he stayed for Priesthood too! Which was about prophets! So the elders, bishop, and our ward mission leader were able to teach him the restoration RIGHT THERE! And give him a Book of Mormon. And set up a return appointment. Now all we need to do is invite him to be baptized on Thursday. And he's going to be baptized. Gah. I love miracles. Anyone have any cool miracles this week?

Well, that's all I got, so love you! Have a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy
Proof I'm Alive ... Just in case

Me with one of our investigators.

This is the place.

Monday, June 8, 2015

A'int nobody got time!

Me and Hermana Capi on exchanges
 Well, I have discovered this week that nobody a'int got no time. (Mrs. Casdorph would kill me if she read that line... 'Cause a'int a'int a word and you a'int supposed to use it!) In correct English, I mean that there are never enough hours in the day to do everything we want/ need to do! I have never wished for the days and nights to be longer more times in my life than right now! What I wouldn't give for more sleep. What I wouldn't give for more time with our investigators. What I wouldn't give for more time in the scriptures or on my knees.

It's a real struggle.

Anyway, we are going down to Wenatchee to spend P-Day with the rest of our zone, so I don't have much time to write today, so here's the condensed version of my week:

Monday and Tuesday. Exchanges. I went down to Wenatchee with Hermana Capi, had to drive, did some service at a thrift store, had no lessons, and had an awesome dinner with a nonmember in a member's home. And then I came back up to Chelan and reunited with my beloved Hermana Taua.

Wednesday, had a wonderful district council, made some false prophecies about transfers, had some awesome lessons, and had a great member present dinner lesson again! Miracles never cease to happen. Although, we did have to drive up to the most secluded place in Chelan for dinner. Sometimes, I think the mission should give us Jeeps or something with higher tires for all the off-roading we do...

Thursday, did some service. Dug out a couple tress. Ripped up some weeds. The usual. Had some awesome lessons, put somebody on date to be baptized! Taught a great English class about getting lost and how to ask for help. Tried to help one of our investigators fix his F250. Needless to say, I think I know the parts of the engine of a car now. And how to hotwire one too... The things I learn out here in Chelan.

Friday, we did some more service! (Because you can never do too much service). Did some weekly planning. And somehow, one of our investigators determined that Hermana Taua and I are going to marry into his family. She's "betrothed" to his 35 year old son (who's a member!) June. And I'm "betrothed" to his 17 year old grandson, July Salad. (Real names not used for protection purposes.) But hey! We got two vases of roses out of it. We ended up giving them to the member that we live with because she just received some very sad news and we wanted to cheer her up. That and nobody has time to take care of roses.

Saturday, Planned. Did some service. Had some lessons. Met my favorite grandma that lives out here in Washington. SLEPT.

Sunday: Church. Awesome as usual. Broke the fast with some homemade ice cream cake from a less active family. Ate lunch. Finished weekly planning. Had some lessons. Had dinner with a wonderful family. (It was their exchange student's birthday too!) Left, had some more lessons, and almost died from 3 layers underneath a blazing sun in 100 degree weather. My clothing choices will be wiser from now on.

Anyways, remember who you are and who you stand for! (The answer is Jesus Christ if you didn't know.) We get transfer calls this Saturday, so by this time next Monday, you'll know whether or not I'm in the Kennewick or Yakima mission! How exciting!

Keep on keeping on, and remember, the church is true!

Con carino,

Hermana Kennedy

Some service "shaka"

Sister High school musical! With (from me to them) Me, Hermana Taua, Hermana Capi, Hermana Wortley, Hermana Marble, and Sister Peatross.

Our zone at the temple!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Time Flies

Well, as my dear sister just informed me, I officially have less than a year until I come home! I'm not ready for it! I never thought I'd say that, but being on a mission changes you. Time flies when you're working hard for the Lord.

In other news, we had an awesome week this week! I can't really tell you any details because my planner from last month is at home, so  here's the basic rundown.

Monday, we emailed and went shopping because we wouldn't have time to do so on Wednesday. We also worked a normal work day.

Tuesday: service at the food bank, hot day, and more work.

Wednesday: TEMPLE P-DAY! We got to drive 3 hours to the Columbia River Temple with a member and back! And Hermana Taua made me sit in the front to keep the member awake so that she could sleep. Sly sly Hermana Taua. More work.

Thursday: Met some new people, ate with one of our investigators (she made us spaghetti), ate again with a member, and taught Daily Dose! Everyone came! Even the elders!

Friday: Weekly planning! Also, it rained and hailed (not good for the fruit trees up here) and our basement flooded, so we spent a good hour sweeping out water and drying everything up. It was also the Pinewood Derby and we invited all our investigators to come. Two of them came! With their families! And they loved it! The elders raced a car shaped like a tie. They took 3rd. We raced a pink CTR car and didn't place, but hey! It's name was the Pink Ladies. No Grease reference at all....

Saturday: More planning. More work. Service at the 2ndhand Store (I GET TO ORGANIZE BOOKSHELVES! IT'S MY DREAM!) Work, work, work. And, we actually made it to bed by 10:15. Miracles happen.

Sunday: We found out that Elder Perry died. :( Keep his families in your prayers and the apostles as well as they seek revelation for who the next apostle should be. Church was great. 2 of our investigators came, but they're from part-member families, so they always come anyway... We did monthly planning and saw some miracles from member present lessons. Go out with the missionaries!

So that's about our week! Love you! Miss you! Remember that miracles happen when you believe! Pictures are coming next week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy