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Monday, August 17, 2015

Pray for my Weight Problems!

Hermana Blackmer y yo.

Well, this week was awesome. Here's the breakdown:

Monday: Well, we saw an awesome less active family and watched the Restoration with them. They loved it and have such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration! They also have a peach tree, so they gave us a ton of peaches. Yum. :)

Tuesday: It was kind of a slow day. We walked around our area knocking for about two hours. When we were done, we walked back to our car (which was parked at the mission office), walked inside the mission office, and grabbed some water. We talked to the office missionaries for a little bit, and they gave us some thank you cards. Then, as we were about to leave, a random guy came in and started talking to us. He wanted to know the process of missionary work, etc..., so we told him. And then he kind of started mocking our beliefs. The office missionaries were super good at confounding him in his own words, though. At the end of our lesson, he took a Restoration pamphlet and asked if he could pray. We said sure. And he prayed. In his prayer, he asked the Lord to help all those that were sick or had issues. He specifically mentioned Hermana Blackmer and I and asked that the Lord would help us with our depression, our thyroid problems, and our weight problems. One of the office missionaries mouthed to me: "Did he just call you two fat?" I died. So please, pray for my weight problems. (I'm actually losing weight, so I don't know what problems I have...) And then later that night, we enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner with fried chicken, tortillas, and rice with a recent convert family that just gets me so pumped for missionary work. It was great.

Wednesday: We had a wonderful zone training meeting where I got to reunite with Hermana Taua! She loves her new area and I love mine, so that's cool. Later on that night, our appointments in a certain trailer park fell through, so we walked around picking up trash. We started a trend. The little kids outside started picking up trash too. When we went back on Saturday, it was perfectly clean. And then we saw one of our on dates for baptism, and found out that he smoked, so we're going to have to push his date back. But, he really wants to be baptized, so all is well.

Thursday: We went on exchanges! I got to leave my area (for the 4th transfer in a row...) and go to the Sister Training Leader's area with.... (wait for it...) HERMANA CAIN! Cain and Kennedy killed it. We walked for a long time. I got sunburnt and I HAVE A FOOT TAN! (All the other missionaries have feet tans and I'm just the white girl with nothing. Now my foot is two different shades of white! It's so exciting!) We met so many people and so many miracles happened! I love exchanges.

Friday: Weekly planning. Plus, dinner with a part member family. He's totally converted, they're just waiting for her divorce so that they can get married. Legal processes. We got some pears and cucumbers out of it though. Yum. Nothing quite like fresh Yakima fruit/ vegetables. We also made a cake for/ gave it to one of our on dates for baptism. It was her birthday, and her family didn't get her a cake, so we did. She loved it, and she's doing everything she can to be baptized on August 29th. I'm so excited for her!

Saturday: We had some awesome district service and had a lot of miracle lessons. Walking and talking to everyone really works, surprisingly. People are actually outside during the day in Yakima. They're inside at night, though, because our part of Yakima is super sketch. And it's the least sketchy part of Yakima too. But, we had a lot of miracle lessons and we got a couple new investigators out of it too! It was a good day.

Sunday: Church was awesome. Only one of our investigators came... And we saw a guy that Hermana Blackmer and Hermana Johnson contacted on exchanges. He's super interested and wants to be baptized. The only problem I have with serving in a language I don't know, though, is that I never know when people are interested in me or in our message. I'm oblivious either way, I guess, so... Anyway. It was a great night, and we met most of our goals for this week, so this week should be awesome!

That's pretty much it. Keep praying for those weight problems, though! Have a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

Hermana Cain y yo

My foot tan. Enjoy.

Hermana Blackmer y yo.

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