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Monday, April 27, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

SO... This past week. I have no idea what happened. I just remember that in district council on Tuesday, we committed to do the work of the Lord cheerfully! I know that we didn't have that many set lessons, people to talk to or who were interested, or things to do at every hour of every day. I know Satan worked really hard to give us the worst week ever. But, we stayed cheerful all through it, and it wasn't that bad, actually! (Well, it was pretty bad, but we didn't notice it!) So, do everything cheerfully this week, and everything will be better even if it really isn't! :)

In other news, tomorrow is my dear brother Chris's birthday. I don't know how old he is. I lost count after 10, but I'm sure he's still pretty young! If you see him or know him or find him on Facebook, help him have an awesome day by wishing him a happy birthday! Also, if you know a Susannah Liddle or Sarah Holgerson, you should wish them a happy birthday too. Just saying.

This week we found a couple of new investigators and some people that are definitely ready for the gospel. We only met them briefly, but we'll see them this week and I'll let you know how it goes! Sorry this week was so boring. I don't have my planner, so I don't know what we did... It's like I left my life at home. I don't know what I'd do without my planner.

Well, have a great week! Here's a little article that I loved, and I'm sure you all will love it when you read it too!

Te quiero mucho!

Con amor,

Hermana Kennedy

Monday, April 20, 2015


Well, this week can be described in one word: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (Yes, I was singing the song from the musical to make sure I spelled the word correctly.)


Well, Monday was P-day. That's always awesome. We taught a less-active and answered her concerns about why the Sabbath Day is on Sunday, not Saturday. Lots of fun stuff.

Tuesday, we taught a Christian guy, Toby who's living with one of our investigators, Tommy B. It was an interesting lesson, but a lesson nonetheless! And he agreed to meet with us again. We also saw our recent convert, Emma. She's so excited to start paying tithing! We showed her how to fill out the tithing slip and who to give it to. We also were driving down a street and you will never believe what happened! We saw some chickens cross the road. So, question: Why did the chickens cross the road?

Wednesday: If you ever want to be best friends with the missionaries, come out with them for four hours! Hermana Hall and I have a new best friend, Hannah Adams. She's the bomb. If you ever want to make a missionary's day, just text them and tell them that you're free from 2-6. And then come out and stay with them from 2-6. It'll be the best day of your life.

Thursday: Taught a less active that we haven't been able to see for 4 months. Found a new investigator who was a former investigator. Saw one of our investigators who asked us about tithing, so we taught her about tithing. She asked what else she needed to know, so we taught her the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom, too. She committed to live all of these laws, but refused to get baptized. :( Oh well. Our atheist investigator now has faith in Jesus Christ, so I guess that's progress, right?

Friday: We had a district weekly planning day, and we all actually finished our weekly planning! It's a miracle! We also had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators and she committed to be baptized! She didn't commit to a date, though, so we'll keep working with her. We ate dinner with the bishop of 8th ward and had a mini meeting with our ward mission leader too.

Saturday: EVERYTHING fell through today. Except our non-set lessons. We were able to visit a less active in 8th ward who we haven't been able to see for four months. Her husband isn't a member, and he told her that day that if she came to his work's barbecue, they'd invite the missionaries over. She was just changing to go to the barbecue when we showed up! Coincidence? I think not. We can't wait for her to call us. We also were able to see one of our 8th ward investigators who we haven't been able to see for about a month. She bought us ice cream and accepted the invitation to come on a church tour this week! Needless to say, we were super excited!

Sunday: Church. More church. Knocking doors. Less active lessons. Getting lost in 8th ward. (It's all farmland and the roads make no sense. I mean road K.5 is north of K.7 when K.1 is about 4 miles south... And who names a road K.5? I miss Utah's grid system.

And that was my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week! Have a miraculous week and remember, the Lord answers prayers!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

Monday, April 13, 2015

All my creativity is gone...

Sister Peatross and I on the way back from exchanges!
Hola amigos y amigas! Familia! Mujeres y hombres! Bienvenidos a todos por esta semana! Como estan?

Look at me trying to use Spanish. I think that's more Spanish than I every use. Unless I'm talking to personas de Jalisco. Hay muchas personas aqui de Jalisco. Pero, que podemos hacer?

SOOOOOOOOOO...................... This week was pretty boring. The day to day rundown goes about like this:

Monday: We taught two of our investigators, their cousin, their less-active mom, and non-member grandparents the Word of Wisdom. It was quite interesting. We also taught a less-active, her daughter, her daughter-in-law, and her two grandchildren the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Halfway through, the daughter-in-law and grandchildren left. 3/4ths of the way through, the daughter left, and then eventually we left too.

Tuesday: We had zone training which is 3 hours of uplifting rebuking. We also got lunch at KFC where a member from Brewster. We also found four new investigators. That's the standard of excellence for new investigators IN A DAY! The joy of former investigators and families.

Wednesday: We gave service making baseball fields and cutting grass, I got a new tooth, and every appointment known to man fell through. Except our dinner appointment which fed us Taco Bell. And our 8th ward recent convert who feeds raccoon and skunks. It was an interesting night. She gave us licorice, and we got to help her download the Gospel Library on her iPhone. Pretty fun, right?

Thursday: We had a specialized zone training where we role played giving church tours. Needless to say, I feel very comfortable giving church tours now. We also got to have interviews with President Ware. It was so uplifting! He gave me a mini orange, too, so I guess it was pretty delicious. The elders bought us pizza for lunch, too, so that was an added bonus. We got to see one of our investigators that has a crazy schedule so she's only home for one hour a day. We saw her in that one hour! She's sharing the gospel with everyone and she's asking for Sundays off!

Friday: Weekly planning. Appointments that fell through. Exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, and I got to go to Wenatchee! It's so beautiful there! Hopefully, I'll get to serve there again! I stayed there with Sister Peatross while Hermana Hall brought Hermana Garcia back here.

Saturday: Worked in Wenatchee. We had an awesome member present where we just got to testify of the Atonement! We also walked around and OYMed people, and Sister Peatross and I had quite a few Marilyn Monroe moments. If there is such a thing as a windproof skirt, I would really appreciate one. We came back to Moses Lake, and Hermana Hall and I kept weekly planning!

Sunday: Church. More church. Dinner with members. Less active lessons. Parents that are allowing us to come teach their children who are already new investigators. It's pretty great. More planning too.

And that's it, folks!

Te amo!

Hermana Kennedy

P.S. Your challenge this week is to send me subject lines for my emails, because I am not in the least bit creative. If you send me some, I might feature you and an experience relating to your subject line in my weekly email!

P.P.S. Physical Evidence of my life

Hermana Hall and I on a crazy Sunday.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Easter Bunny

Hermana Kennedy and Hermana Hall and Frank
So, we saw a bunny outside the church. ON EASTER! Elder Butters and Elder Holden tried to capture the poor thing, but it outsmarted them and ran away.

SO.... this week we've been trying to share "Because He Lives" with everyone! It went pretty darn well. No matter who we talk to or what situation they're in, that video seems to apply to everyone!
Two of our new investigators, Bianca and Arthur, actually watched the video and Bianca started crying! The Atonement had so much power for her that day, and we're so grateful the Lord was able to guide us to discern their needs.

We've also been doing a lot of 8th ward work this week. In between sessions of conference on Saturday, Elder Walton and Elder Carter (our zone leaders) encouraged us to go out for 30 minutes and act in faith! So, we went to 8th ward because that's where our most fear was. With the Lord's help and the Spirit's guidance, we were blessed to have a lesson with one of our investigators, OYM her granddaughter, and knock on a random door on Lost lane! Behind that random door, we were blessed to find our sister Carolyn who has been being prepared for the gospel. We invited her to watch general conference and listen to the prophet, and she had some amazing questions about the prophet! We were able to teach and testify of the Restoration. We also got talking about scriptures and the Apocrypha, so we brought in the Book of Mormon. She wanted a copy! So, we did a Book of Mormon baptismal invitation and she said yes! She has a sincere desire to learn, and we have a return appointment with her this week! It was a wonderful reminder of how we need to constantly be acting in faith so that we can always be on fire with the Spirit!

Speaking of Conference, was it not the most spiritual roller coaster of your life?! From uplifting talks to rebuking talks, I'm pretty sure I felt every emotion known to man! That talk on religious freedom, though. And Elder Holland's talk about the Fall? Man. Good stuff. If he were to write a fantasy book series, I'd read all five in less than 24 hours! Don't even get me started on Uchtdorf. I only wrote like 5 pages on his talk... What are all of your favorite talks? I can't seem to choose one because they all seemed to apply to me! I will tell you one thing, though. I'm definitely excited to come home, get married, and start a family! My sister will start taking husband applications starting in June 2015. If you're really determined, you will find a way to get to her contact information and submit your application.

In other news, our branch mission leader is probably the best mission leader of all time. He made us pizza in between sessions of General Conference on Sunday and bought me my favorite root beer unintentionally! He like us sisters more than the elders because we didn't tell him to cook a pizza stuffed in a turkey smothered in chocolate and Code Red Mountain Dew. We just wanted chips like Ruffles and drinks like Sprite. So, all you missionaries, be nice to your ward mission leaders and maybe they'll spoil you!

I think that's pretty much it. I'm alive. My companion is alive. We're crazy together, which I guess is better than being crazy alone. See you later! Have a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

I'm horrible, I know. Here's proof that I'm still alive! And my new companion, Hermana Hall, who is just as weird as I am! And Frank.

Hermana Hall - Hermana Kennedy's new companion