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Monday, September 7, 2015

Don't be a wall

Whelp. This week was less than eventful. Something I learned: whenever somebody starts talking to you, don't be a wall. Respond. It's helpful. Other than that, nobody got baptized, so here's the brief run-down:

Monday: We found a Mexican Frat house. Always fun when you're two blonde, white girls who can barely speak Spanish. Needless to say, I talked to the guy who was interested in the gospel while Hermana Blackmer talked to the two guys who were interested in her. Am I that horrible of a companion? You betcha.

Tuesday: Did some service at the food bank. Hot peppers really don't agree with my skin. It's a good thing I had 3 layers of gloves... We walked and knocked and talked and helped some recent converts put together some beds. (Thanks Dad for teaching me how to read instructions.)

Wednesday: Did some more service at the food bank. Saw some investigators. Got some delicious pizza for dinner. Helped Amigo get a priesthood blessing. We found out that he has colon cancer and wants to stop smoking, so... And we saw another recent convert family that gave us some sketchy pears. But they were delicious, so totally worth it.

Thursday: Had a pretty awesome Zone Training Meeting. I'm so excited to work this next transfer! We're going to see so much success! Did some service at the Salvation Army. Walked and talked and saw some less-actives and formers. Pretty exciting.

Friday: Weekly planning. We had a lesson in Gray's car because it was chilly outside. That was the most eventful thing that happened.

Saturday: Did some service. Drove to Cowiche to knock. Drove to Tieton City to go to a panaderia that wasn't even that good. And talk to 1 person. Saw a less-active who's doing so awesome. Tried to see some other peeps, but ended up seeing Gray again. She fed us dinner and sent us home with a bunch of food. We're not that poor... Hermana Blackmer and I also tried menudo for the first time. Once you get past the slimy intestine part, it's not that bad. Unless you put too much lime in it. Then it's just bad. We also got transfer calls. I'm staying here in Yakima, receiving Hermana Brighton. But, my area is being split in half, and I'm losing Amigo. :( Hermana Blackmer is being transfered to.... wait for it.... MOSES LAKE! Serving with... wait for it.... HERMANA STREULING! I think I was happier than she was when we got the call...

Sunday: Church. I was brave enough to play the organ last week, so I played the organ again this week. Until the last hymn. Then, the organ decided to break and I had to run to the other side of the stand to play the piano for the closing hymn. Only to Hermana Kennedy. Other than that, we saw some investigators and other peeps and then we went home to start Hermana Blackmer packing. :)

That's pretty much my week! Hopefully y'all had a great, miraculous week. I know I did!

Paz afuera!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

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