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Monday, June 1, 2015

Time Flies

Well, as my dear sister just informed me, I officially have less than a year until I come home! I'm not ready for it! I never thought I'd say that, but being on a mission changes you. Time flies when you're working hard for the Lord.

In other news, we had an awesome week this week! I can't really tell you any details because my planner from last month is at home, so  here's the basic rundown.

Monday, we emailed and went shopping because we wouldn't have time to do so on Wednesday. We also worked a normal work day.

Tuesday: service at the food bank, hot day, and more work.

Wednesday: TEMPLE P-DAY! We got to drive 3 hours to the Columbia River Temple with a member and back! And Hermana Taua made me sit in the front to keep the member awake so that she could sleep. Sly sly Hermana Taua. More work.

Thursday: Met some new people, ate with one of our investigators (she made us spaghetti), ate again with a member, and taught Daily Dose! Everyone came! Even the elders!

Friday: Weekly planning! Also, it rained and hailed (not good for the fruit trees up here) and our basement flooded, so we spent a good hour sweeping out water and drying everything up. It was also the Pinewood Derby and we invited all our investigators to come. Two of them came! With their families! And they loved it! The elders raced a car shaped like a tie. They took 3rd. We raced a pink CTR car and didn't place, but hey! It's name was the Pink Ladies. No Grease reference at all....

Saturday: More planning. More work. Service at the 2ndhand Store (I GET TO ORGANIZE BOOKSHELVES! IT'S MY DREAM!) Work, work, work. And, we actually made it to bed by 10:15. Miracles happen.

Sunday: We found out that Elder Perry died. :( Keep his families in your prayers and the apostles as well as they seek revelation for who the next apostle should be. Church was great. 2 of our investigators came, but they're from part-member families, so they always come anyway... We did monthly planning and saw some miracles from member present lessons. Go out with the missionaries!

So that's about our week! Love you! Miss you! Remember that miracles happen when you believe! Pictures are coming next week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

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