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Monday, June 8, 2015

A'int nobody got time!

Me and Hermana Capi on exchanges
 Well, I have discovered this week that nobody a'int got no time. (Mrs. Casdorph would kill me if she read that line... 'Cause a'int a'int a word and you a'int supposed to use it!) In correct English, I mean that there are never enough hours in the day to do everything we want/ need to do! I have never wished for the days and nights to be longer more times in my life than right now! What I wouldn't give for more sleep. What I wouldn't give for more time with our investigators. What I wouldn't give for more time in the scriptures or on my knees.

It's a real struggle.

Anyway, we are going down to Wenatchee to spend P-Day with the rest of our zone, so I don't have much time to write today, so here's the condensed version of my week:

Monday and Tuesday. Exchanges. I went down to Wenatchee with Hermana Capi, had to drive, did some service at a thrift store, had no lessons, and had an awesome dinner with a nonmember in a member's home. And then I came back up to Chelan and reunited with my beloved Hermana Taua.

Wednesday, had a wonderful district council, made some false prophecies about transfers, had some awesome lessons, and had a great member present dinner lesson again! Miracles never cease to happen. Although, we did have to drive up to the most secluded place in Chelan for dinner. Sometimes, I think the mission should give us Jeeps or something with higher tires for all the off-roading we do...

Thursday, did some service. Dug out a couple tress. Ripped up some weeds. The usual. Had some awesome lessons, put somebody on date to be baptized! Taught a great English class about getting lost and how to ask for help. Tried to help one of our investigators fix his F250. Needless to say, I think I know the parts of the engine of a car now. And how to hotwire one too... The things I learn out here in Chelan.

Friday, we did some more service! (Because you can never do too much service). Did some weekly planning. And somehow, one of our investigators determined that Hermana Taua and I are going to marry into his family. She's "betrothed" to his 35 year old son (who's a member!) June. And I'm "betrothed" to his 17 year old grandson, July Salad. (Real names not used for protection purposes.) But hey! We got two vases of roses out of it. We ended up giving them to the member that we live with because she just received some very sad news and we wanted to cheer her up. That and nobody has time to take care of roses.

Saturday, Planned. Did some service. Had some lessons. Met my favorite grandma that lives out here in Washington. SLEPT.

Sunday: Church. Awesome as usual. Broke the fast with some homemade ice cream cake from a less active family. Ate lunch. Finished weekly planning. Had some lessons. Had dinner with a wonderful family. (It was their exchange student's birthday too!) Left, had some more lessons, and almost died from 3 layers underneath a blazing sun in 100 degree weather. My clothing choices will be wiser from now on.

Anyways, remember who you are and who you stand for! (The answer is Jesus Christ if you didn't know.) We get transfer calls this Saturday, so by this time next Monday, you'll know whether or not I'm in the Kennewick or Yakima mission! How exciting!

Keep on keeping on, and remember, the church is true!

Con carino,

Hermana Kennedy

Some service "shaka"

Sister High school musical! With (from me to them) Me, Hermana Taua, Hermana Capi, Hermana Wortley, Hermana Marble, and Sister Peatross.

Our zone at the temple!

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