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Monday, June 29, 2015

Another year gone...

President and Sister Ware

Well, this past year has been full of downs but of a lot of ups too! Thanks to everyone that's pulled me back up, I'm here on my mission right now! Muchas gracias a todos!

In other news, this week was kind of boring. Here's a run-down.

Monday: Awkwardly tracted into some members in Chelan... And awkwardly had a lesson with different people from the same family. The family members just kept leaving and coming until we were down to two. Fun stuff.

Tuesday: Served at the Food Bank. Had some studies and drove down to Wenatchee for a specialized training. We said goodbye to President and Sister Ware. We all weren't in tears or anything... It was like saying goodbye to my parents all over again. :( But the member that drove us bought us some ice cream, and it was all better. :) Had an awesome dinner and some awesome lessons with members too. We said goodbye to Bess, our exchange student we've been teaching. She went home on Wednesday. :( But, she mad us some fried rice before we left. :) Also, for exercise, we decided to start running up a dirt hill next to our house. Needless to say, I was a grandma for the next two days. Oh well. It's worth it!-

Wednesday: Had a lot of awkward lessons. We're really getting the hang of this whole mission thing. And met all of our daily goals by 4:45! So, life was pretty good.

Thursday: Did some service where we didn't pull weeds! We helped out investigator set up for a yard sale instead! Then we had some awesome lessons and an awkward homecourt. Sometimes I wish there was a "how to be a member missionary" class. Because the members are awesome and know everything! But our investigators know nothing, so the members forget that they have to teach simply... But they're awesome! Also, taught the Law of Chastity for the first time to a 12 year old boy who's on date for baptism. Como se dice awkward? And, we started teaching a less active how to read and write in Spanish! It was super awesome! One of his amigos sat in on the lesson and wants to come to English class! Miracles.

Friday: WE ACTUALLY FINISHED WEEKLY PLANNING! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! ONe of our investigators (who's a guy) almost forced us to come into his house, so we told him we had another appointment. He gave us a huge bag of cherries and we left. We actually did see another investigator and helped her clean her car. She was super happy. And to top it off, we gave her the bag of cherries! Even more happy. Then we left, bought some cheesecake for my birthday, and went home.

Saturday: I officially was no longer a teenager. So, we tried finding the Chelan investigators. (The elders left a lot of bad addresses, so...) We ended up just serving at the 2nd hand store in Chelan for 3.25 hours. We also went to Chelan Falls for the 1st time. It was kind of disappointing. So, we left to go to our dinner, an investigating family. They had made us seviche. (Spelling?) And when we got there, the investigator's daughter/ grandkids who are recent converts were there too! And they had made me a cake. :) They are the sweetest family ever! And then Bishop and his wife showed up. Apparently this was all planned, and I just didn't know about it. But then again, neither did Hermana Streuling, so it's all good. We spent the rest of the night just inviting people to church. It was awesome.

Sunday: Hermana Streuling and I ended up doing everything for Spanish sacrament meeting except blessing and passing the sacrament. We said the prayers, did the music, performed a musical number, and gave talks. It was pretty awesome. Especially since we started sacrament meeting with 4 people. Us, one of the bishopric, and a recent convert. ... ... ... And you guys think Mormon standard time is super late. You should try Spanish Mormon Standard time. After that, we spent the day in Chelan meeting less actives. We got chased down by one of our less actives in her wheelchair because Hermana Streuling forgot her scriptures. I died laughing. It was super funny.

And that's about it! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I appreciate all your love and support. You guys are awesome! Have a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermanita Kennedy

Sister Ware and I

Me and my birthday cake. Quiero pastel, pastel, pastel! Quiero pastel, pastel, pastel!

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