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Monday, June 15, 2015

Drum roll, please!

The typical name-tag missionary in the distance picture.
Well, the transfer calls are in, AND......

I have been assigned to labor in the Washington Yakima mission, effective July 1, 2015. I'll serve under President and Sister Lewis from Utah here in Chelan and Manson. My new companion is Hermana Streuling. Hermana Taua will also be serving in the Yakima mission in Toppenish, Yakima. It has been such a blessing to serve with President and Sister Ware in the Washington Kennewick mission for the past 7 months. I'll miss them and the temple dearly, but I know that the Lord needs me in the Yakima mission right now. I look forward to opening a new mission. I just don't look forward to taking over an area that I've been in for a transfer and the elder's area too. The Elders that serve here in Chelan both got doubled out with no replacements, so Hermana Streuling and I will now cover all of Chelan and Manson! Fun, huh? (Not really. No. It's a huge area, and we don't have the miles for it...)

The rest of this week has been rather fabulous. We've seen a lot of miracles happen because Hermana Taua is being transferred. Concerns have been resolved, less-actives have been re-fellowshipped, Hispanics are finding time to come learn English, investigators have been brought to tears by the plan of salvation, I had a tuna fish sandwich for the first time, I also had seviche (spelling?) for the first time, we had a talent show with a part less-active/ non-member/ totally active family, and I got a priesthood blessing too! I never realized how much I needed any of that, but I did. Also, water is probably the greatest of God's creations, besides Jesus Christ and me, of course. It's super hot here, so we drink a lot of water. It's not as nice when you leave it out in the car to steam and evaporate for a couple of hours...

And, boy, do we have a miracle for you! So, a couple weeks ago, we were doing some service for an investigator. We had just gotten there and there was a guy walking down the street toward us. I stayed in the car to lather on some sunscreen while Hermana Taua got out to get our work gloves out of the trunk. She said "hola" to the guy, and the guy stopped and started talking to her. So, I grabbed my bag and jumped out of the car to be part of the conversation because it was all in Spanish and Hermana Taua and I need each other to understand and help with Spanish. We asked him if he wanted to learn English, and he said he was very interested! We gave him a Daily Dose card and he asked where it was. We told him at the church, and he said that he'd come to church too! So, I opened up my bag to get my planner and take his information and I had a bag of pretzels with me. He pointed at the pretzels and said "I love those", so out of the kindness of my heart and the better decisions of my abdominal muscles, I gave him the bag of pretzels, and he gave us his name, number, address, the whole scoop. He didn't come to church or Daily Dose last week, but Sunday morning, we had a crazy idea to call everyone to be at church. We called him, and he said he'd come. We thought he was just another Hispanic that said they'd come but never actually show up. Then, we got to church, helped a recent convert write his talk for sacrament meeting, and went to the Relief Society room for Spanish sacrament. We were talking to the elders when our Ward Mission Leader started talking with a guy and asked him his name. IT WAS THE GUY WE HAD CALLED! HE ACTUALLY CAME TO CHURCH! Hermana Taua and I freaked out. Not only did he come to sacrament meeting, BUT, he also stayed for Gospel Doctrine which answered his questions about the sacrament! Not only did he stay for Gospel Doctrine, BUT, he stayed for Priesthood too! Which was about prophets! So the elders, bishop, and our ward mission leader were able to teach him the restoration RIGHT THERE! And give him a Book of Mormon. And set up a return appointment. Now all we need to do is invite him to be baptized on Thursday. And he's going to be baptized. Gah. I love miracles. Anyone have any cool miracles this week?

Well, that's all I got, so love you! Have a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy
Proof I'm Alive ... Just in case

Me with one of our investigators.

This is the place.

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