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Monday, November 30, 2015

The craziest week of my life

Hermana Pons y yo.
Well. Life happened in so many ways this week. Here's the super-brief run down:

Monday: Hermana Ayala left me and I became a trio with Hermanas Brighton and Bailey.

Tuesday: We worked in the other sister's area, had a snowball fight with the elders for exercise, and had an awesome district council.

Wednesday: Did some service, did some work in our area. Let me just say that being in a tri-pan is the best thing ever. You can go ANYWHERE. You can do ANYTHING. It's pretty great. And then, we found out Hermana Pulido was going home early for health reasons too. Her companion, Hermana Pons, needed a place to stay, so I got her as a companion. At around 10 o'clock. PM. Not a big deal.

Thursday: Count them. 4 companions. 4 days. Craziest. Thing. Ever. Also, Thanksgiving. We, begin Spanish speaking missionaries eat with people who speak Spanish. Do you know what that means? Thanksgiving isn't a thing. TURKEY is not a thing. Yes, I had Hispanic food for Thanksgiving dinner. And it was delicious. We also were able to see practically every less active in our area. It was pretty cool.

Friday: Weekly planning. By myself. And then, we saw Gray again. She thought we had forgotten about her. :( Pobrecita. But, she still loves us.

Saturday: President Lewis scared us by calling us at 8:15 in the morning to tell Hermana Pons that she's going to finish her last 6 weeks of the 12 week missionary training program with someone who came out with her. COOL! And then, I was called to be a Sister Training Leader. (Kind of like a zone leader, but for sisters.) And then I found out I was going to be transferred to Wenatchee. 3 hours away from Yakima. That's cool. After that, we went to work! Did some area exploring. Got lost a few times, but ended up being able to see a sweet part member less active family. It was the coolest. Had an awesome lesson later on that night with a member and one of our investigators. Best lesson ever.

Sunday: Church. Heartstrings ripped out. The members were so sad that I was leaving. The member that came out with us Saturday night actually started crying in Sacrament Meeting (she was sitting with us) and it made me cry. I'm going to miss Yakima and the branch here so much! I really liked the talk that was given in sacrament meeting. He said that if we want to see miracles, we have to serve others, have faith, study the scriptures, repent so that we can be worthy, and receive revelation. Definitely needed that. After church, we went to the Elder's baptism because they serve in the same branch as us. 4 of their investigators got baptized, and it was so spiritual! It was awesome. Afterwards, Alex Boye was in town and had a fireside, so we went to that. GUESS WHAT. Alex Boye loves sister missionaries. He made all of us sister missionaries feel super special. It was cool. Something I learned from him was that the Book of Mormon is the only book you can be a fanatic about and it will be perfectly ok. I really liked that. Why can't we be as excited about the Book of Mormon as we are about Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, or Twilight?! IT'S SUCH AN AWESOME BOOK! When we get excited about the Book of Mormon, then we know that we are using it correctly.

And now I'm here. And since today is the last day of November, I'm going to share one last thing that I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for answers to prayers. I have received so many this past week, and it has made this crazy week be a week of peace. I know that if we pray sincerely, God will answer our prayers. We may not receive the answers we want, but we will receive the answers we need, and that is all we have to be thankful for. #gratitude

AND, since tomorrow is December, I get to start using #christmas. Let me tell you about this lovely website. It's Go to it. Watch all the videos. Share it with everyone you know, even people you meet on the street or at Wal-Mart. The #christmas can be shared when you share something that Christmas means to you. For me, Christmas means feeling the love of family. I'll be sad to be away from home again this Christmas, but I know I am in their hearts, and they're definitely in mine. I'm grateful for the knowledge I have that these 2 Christmases away from home is nothing compared to the eternity I will spend with my family. #Christmas #share1invite1 #sharegoodness #wewriteofChrist

Remember, CHRIST is the reason. God DOES answer prayers. I LOVE YOU! Have a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

Hermanas Bailey, Brighton, y yo con Batman. 
District Sistas!
And then there were the elders....

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