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Monday, November 9, 2015

A Tale of Two Missionaries

The four generations of missionaries (from right to left, Hermana Cannon, Hermana Cain, Hermana Kennedy, Hermana Ayala)

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. So begins our story of the past week of missionary work in Yakima, Washington, United States of America. Two missionaries, Hermana Kennedy and Hermana Ayala, set out with the intent to preach repentance to all souls, inviting them to come unto Christ. What actually happened was the following:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015: The week began with a wonderful trip to the temple, crossing mission lines into the previously known world of missionary work in the Washington Kennewick mission. After returning from enemy territory, these two young missionaries drove to a members house who kindly drove them to the barren apple packaging town to visit a golden family. Upon arriving, the family Garcia let them in and invited them to sit comfortably. After a spirit-filled lesson, the family broke the bad news that they had to move and would probably move to Vancouver, Washington--into enemy territory. Also, they told the missionaries that  Hermana Garcia probably had breast cancer. The members offered to come the next night to give her a priesthood blessing. The Garcias generously accepted and they parted ways. The missionaries were dropped off at their apartment where they rested from their labors until the next day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015: The morning began with some studies followed by service boxing up serrano peppers. After the service activity, the young missionaries contacted some referrals and left to accompany the other sisters to a dinner of tostadas and Mexican hot chocolate. After the dinner, a member kindly picked them up and drove them to the Garcia's home. They arrived and socialized while they patiently waited for the priesthood holders to arrive. Three worthy men arrived and with no further delay, the lesson began. The priesthood was explained, testimonies were born, and a blessing was given to Hermana Garcia. The spirit prevailed in the room so strongly that Hermano Garcia asked for a blessing of comfort and counsel. The blessing was given, tears were shed, and the people parted ways. The missionaries returned to their living quarters once again to rest from their labors until the next day.

P's daughters (3 of them)
Thursday, November 5, 2015: The morning began with studies followed by service at the Salvation Army. While there, a couple that had been progressing so well (before mentioned as M and E) texted the sisters to tell them that they did not want to take their lessons anymore. Thoroughly depressed, the sisters went out to work to cheer up their spirits. After some appointments fell through, and no success was to be found, the two sister missionaries went to the mission home to pick up the sister training leaders from the mission leadership council they attened. While there, Hermana Kennedy found Hermana Cain, her mother. Hermana Cannon, her grandmother, was also there. With four generations of missionaries alive and well, Hermana Brighton decided to take a picture. It will be sent later for your enjoyment. The sister missionaries left to eat a dinner of lentil soup and burritos at a part-member family's home. The other sisters left and Hermanas Kennedy and Ayala taught the family about keeping the commandments. The couple will be married soon so that the husband can be baptized. After, the sisters picked up a member and her daughter and took them to see a very promising single father, P. After a lesson about the Atonement, the sisters were invited to a birthday party for the youngest girl on Sunday. The two missionaries accepted because there was to be tres leches. The sisters dropped the members off at their home, recovered the other sisters from their area of labor, and departed home to rest from their labors until the next day.

Friday, November 6, 2015: The morning began with studies, as per usual, and was followed by a lengthy weekly planning session. After a tear-filled companionship inventory, the two missionaries set off to work. They contacted a referral that taught them the message of how the gospel can change lives. During the lesson, however, Hermana Ayala threw up, and the sister missionaries had to retire to their home early in hopes that Hermana Ayala would feel better soon. They cleaned their apartment and updated their area book and then rested from their labors until the next day.

Saturday, November 7, 2015: After an uplifting zone training meeting, the young sister missionaries went out to work. They contacted some more referrals, received some return appointments, and left to eat dinner. After eating a fast dinner, the sisters drove valiantly on the freeway in the rain to attend a branch baptism. The Spirit filled the room as the young boy of 8 was baptized. After a member who was to drive them to the outskirts of their area canceled on them last minute, the despairing sister missionaries spent thirty minutes calling people to drive them. They miraculously found a ride and were able to keep their appointment with some English elders and their investigator, Eli, who wanted to attend the Spanish branch. After a wonderful lesson, everyone parted in peace, and the sister missionaries retired to their apartment to rest from their labors until the next day.

Sunday, November 8, 2015: After some studies cut short by branch council, the sister missionaries enjoyed three hours of edification in their regular Sunday meetings. After church, they were able to eat dinner with P and his family for his daughter's birthday. The main course was scrumptious and the tres leches was divine. They parted with full stomachs and happiness. After, the sisters saw two of their investigators preparing to be baptized with the branch president. Unfortunately, the investigators, B and E, had not kept their committments, but with unwavering faith, the two sisters taught them about Jesus Christ. After the lesson, the sisters left to see a less-active member who was struggling. After talking with him about prayer and scripture study, they parted ways in peace. The sisters ended their night by talking to everyone and receiving return appointments. They then picked up the other sisters and they all retired to their apartment to rest from their labors until the next day.


In other news, this months hashtag spotlight is #gratitude. This week, I would like to recognized my gratitude from prayer. I know that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and is willing and able to help up if we simply lay everything on the table. #gratitude What can you do to make your prayers more meaningful?

Have a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

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