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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween and Babies

Hermana Ayala y yo
Escucheis, todos vosotros, extremos de la tierra!

Ok. I just had to start out with scripture. It makes the rest of the email super spiritual. Don't judge me for using the vosotros form either. Think of it as an equivalent of "y'all".

Anyway, this week has been... I don't know the word to describe it. Weird? Long? Sick? Exhausting? Joyful? I don't know. Let's just say that my soul has been out of my body for the past week, so discupleme por mis debilidades. And my random Spanish. I'm getting very good at this whole Spanglish thing. Anyways, I left my planner at home today, so I can't give you an accurate day-by-day breakdown of this week. So you'll have to make do with what I remember:

Monday: P-day. My sister had her baby. And I wasn't there for it. Oh well. You want to know where I was when she was born? In my comfy(ish) bed completely knocked out. BECAUSE we saw M (from M and E) and found out that E had left her. Awkward. We spent a good hour consoling, comforting, mourning, and inwardly rejoicing because the law of chastity wouldn't be a problem anymore. Who knew that keeping baptismal covenants could be so tiring?

Tuesday: We worked. And worked. And worked some more. We walked. And walked. And walked some more. Finally, when we decided to start walking home we started walking. And walking. And we made it halfway home. And then M texted us and asked us if we could come see her. We asked her if we could have a ride. She didn't have her car. E had it instead and was at the store. (Back story, E came back and apologized. Ugh.) So, we decided to race E home. Walking versus driving. After walking the 3 miles back to their apartment in 30 minutes (and having 10 minutes before 9), we knocked on M's door right as E pulled up. 🎶WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS! AND WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING TILL THE END!!!🎶

Anyway, we had a quick lesson about the Atonement, M gave us a huge tupperware of spaghetti, and the other sisters picked us up to take us home. Where we ate all the spaghetti. Also, we found out that our branch president's wife had her baby too! He is adorable. :)

Wednesday: Did some service at the food bank. And I'm sure we did something awesome that night. We did see M and E and taught them the plan of salvation. They liked it and determined to get to the celestial kingdom. Not bad as far as commitments go.

Thursday: Worked. Did some service at the Salvation Army. Saw Gray and read her Enos because she was cooking and didn't keep her commitment. And then after dinner, we went to Tieton to see our golden family, the Garcia's. (That's not actually their name, but everyone thinks that's their name.) We went with Sister Call form the mission office, and she had a prompting to bring a HUGE Book of Mormon in Spanish. Turns out that Hermano Garcia can't see very well, so the HUGE Book of Mormon is easier for him to read. Following the Spirit guys. It changes lives. Do it. And then we went home early because my poor Hermanita Ayala was sick. We stopped at Wal-Mart (at Sister Call's insistence) to buy some medicine, and you know who we saw? M and E. The one night we weren't planning on seeing them. Miracles.

Friday: Weekly planning. Which we actually finished. Dinner. And then all our appointments except with M and E fell through. Which was ok because Hermana Ayala started feeling really sick and dizzy, so we went back to the apartment, rested for a little while and went to see M and E around 8:30. With their tupperware. We taught them the gospel, and they committed to follow it. We'll see where that goes.

Saturday: Work. Walk. Work. Walk. Work. We saw M and E, answered all their crazy questions about Mormons (no, the bishop does not get the first night of marriage with members of his congregation--see law of chastity), and painted their faces for Halloween. Had dinner. Retired home early, as per mission rules, and enjoyed a night of trick-or-treaters and Meet the Mormons. Guys. Meet the Mormons is awesome. I wish I could watch it with everyone. Watch it. Like, everyday. And notice the little truths outlined in each section. Jesus Christ, the family, keeping the Sabbath Day holy, service, humanitarian aid, and missionary work. See: Tithing slips.

Sunday: Well, nobody came to church, but it was ok. It was a good time to renew my covenants and commit to be better this week. I was even brave enough to use the foot pedals on the organ, and it turned out pretty well. Still need practice, though. I'm sure the branch is just happy to have someone play music for them. After church, we tried by some potentials, recontacted a former investigator that has the coolest experiences with prayer, ate dinner, and worked some more. We worked until the end of the night and we went home exhausted.

Monday: If you didn't notice, Monday wasn't our P-day. Today was. So, we did a district blitz for a dead-ish area in our district that Hermana Taua and her new companion just got doubled into. (They both have never served there.) So, the district split up the area and we all worked different parts. Hermana Ayala and I got a trailer park. In the middle of nowhere. We were there for 30 minutes. Talked to 3 people. And then a random guy comes up and kicks us out of the trailer park. I have been in trailer parks every day of my mission. And NEVER have I gotten kicked out of one. NEVER. So, we left, as polite representatives of Jesus Christ do, and there was nothing. Not a house in sight. So we called some people, and they dropped us off on another street to work. We worked and everyone was so nice! We got 3 return appointments and had an awesome experience! After that, we had dinner, walked, saw a member whose brother had just died, and walked home. And then we died.

So, that bring me to today. Martes el 3 de noviembre. WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! We went to the Columbia River temple in Tri-cities, and it was SO WEIRD being outside our mission boundaries, but being right next to the mission home where I first arrived. So weird. But, the temple was a much needed refuge of peace and joy. I'm so grateful for the ordinances of the temple and the peace I can feel even after I leave. Which brings me to our "we write of Christ" hashtag for the month: #gratitude. What are you grateful for? For me, I'm thankful for a wonderful Heavenly Father and for his holy house. #gratitude.

Pues, pienso que es todo! Que tengan buen dia. Dios bendiga. Cuidense. Ciao.

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

Our Zone

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