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Monday, March 2, 2015

Cats and Quails

I have a much shorter week to write about this week! So, I'll give you the day-by-day run down:

Wednesday night we saw two of our investigators (a ten year old and eight year old boy) with one of the members that we live with. The boys' mom is a member. Their dad is also an investigator. And they have a little nine-month old brother. The brother has been having a lot of health problems, and the mom was really worried because he had an appointment the next day to find out what was wrong with him. SO, we suggested a priesthood blessing. She actually agreed to it, and we set it up with some of the elders in our district for the next night at 7.  That was pretty much all we did.

Thursday we had a miracle lesson with the second Spanish investigator that I taught on my mission! She's super sweet and prepared. Now, we just need to see her. Hm... We talked to one guy that had a bunny named Poo and a lady who is a Spanish grammar Nazi. I want to learn Spanish from her. She wants to learn English from us. It's a good trade, right? We'll teach her all the Gospel words, and she'll be baptized. It'll be great.

So, we have this road. It's called Airway. To the north of Airway is a giant drop into this place called Cascade Valley. We were driving down Airway one day and looked into Cascade Valley to find...  A TRAILER PARK! Trailer parks for us are Christmas because they're packed with Spanish speakers that are prepared for the Gospel! So, we studied our maps, got sufficiently lost, and found this trailer park. It's called "Quail Run". Interesting name considering there aren't any quails there... So, Thursday, we explored Quail Run and sight-spotted all the Spanish speaking houses. (Red curtains and brooms on the porches are dead give-aways.) We knocked on a couple doors, met some really nice people, set up return appointments, and life was good. One of the last houses we knocked on had a pretty nice porch. We stood on it while we knocked on the door. Next door there lived a cat. This cat hopped onto the porch on which we were standing. I wanted to pet him because he was super fat and fluffy. So I bent down on the porch to pet him. He then jumped onto the porch banister. While he slowly advanced toward my waiting hand, Hermana Cain leaned over, speaking for the cat, and said "I want to paw  your face." What did the cat do? Paw my face. He caressed it gently until he saw my shoulder. He decided that was a better place to paw. So, he pawed that for a couple of seconds and, out of the blue, HE JUMPED ON MY SHOULDER. I had a cat scarf for a good ten minutes. And whenever we tried to get off, he clawed into my skin to tell me that he wanted to be my scarf forever. After ten minutes, he got sick of me though and left. Phew. His name is officially Polly. I'll make sure to have crackers next time.

So, the priesthood blessing went well. We had some more awesome member present lessons and all-in-all had a fabulous Thursday.

Friday, we actually finished weekly planning. Because that's all we did. All day.

Saturday, all of our appointments fell through, but we got to go to a baptism for some of the Elders in our district. Hermana Cain played the piano and I lead the music. The baptism was for a little nine-year old girl who wanted to meet sister missionaries, so we're her new favorite people. We met with one of our less active families, shared a quick thought with them, and left to have a coordination with our Ward Mission Leader for 8th ward. Life was great, but we went over our monthly miles by 2. JUST 2. Oh well. At least we have a car. I'm counting my blessings.

Sunday, IT'S MARCH!!!!!!! AND FAST SUNDAY! I LOVE FAST SUNDAY! Especially when investigators come to church. Especially when two investigators come to church!!!! And I bore my testimony in Spanish. Confidence level = growing millimeter by millimeter. We also had a stake presidency fireside, and one of our recent converts from 8th ward spoke! My favorite quote was "you can keep the commandments and still be cool! I mean, look at me!" So, you can keep the commandments and still be cool. I also started this challenge. It's called reading the Book of Mormon front to back in a month marking all the doctrine of Christ. Will you accept that challenge? Will you read the Book of Mormon in a month? Maybe I'll give you guys two because I know half of you reading this email aren't nearly as insane as I am. And if you don't know what the doctrine of Christ is, it's: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. Have fun marking up those Book of Mormons!

So, that was my week. Hope yours was miraculous!


Hermana Kennedy

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