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Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Cheesy Subject Line

Hola! Como estan? As you can see, I'm not a very creative subject line person, so that's the best you get.

This week has been so miraculous! We decided to do a ton of 8th ward (white people) work, AND WE FOUND NICE WHITE PEOPLE! We have two solid potential investigators who just got home from a month in Florida! We'll let them have a little rest, and then we'll bombard them with the Spirit! They're totally open to joining the church, too! We also met a few less active/ part member families this week, and it turns out that they're all really sweet and just need to come back to church. We're all over that. We also have an investigator for 8th ward! It's amazing! The Lord is definitely rewarding us for all of our hard work.

We also had zone training this week. WOW. I love zone training! We had some awesome roleplays (I was married to one of the elders most of the time. Is that allowed....?) and some more awesome trainings by the zone leaders! We talked a lot about having boldness and living the doctrine of Christ. When we're really acting in faith, repenting, renewing our baptismal covenants, being on fire with the spirit, and enduring to the end, we become more life Christ and invite people to change their lives! Needless to say, Hermana Cain and I put that into action as we decided to be bold with everyone we met. As a result, on Saturday, we had a new investigator and an investigator who had committed to baptism! THE LORD TRULY BLESSES YOU WHEN YOU DO YOUR BEST TO LIVE THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST! LIVE THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST!!!!!

In other news, I watched two dogs kill a cat for fun while teaching our investigator who committed to baptism on his porch. We were teaching the plan of salvation and we were in the garden of Eden at the moment. We watched that happen, and Hermana Cain immediately said "that didn't happen in the Garden of Eden." I'm still traumatized. That darn Satan. But, it's ok. Read 2 Nephi 24:16-17 and kick Satan out of your life! He don't got no body! It's your choice to let him into your heart or not. Think about that.

Well, have a miraculous week, and enjoy the water tower!

Love you all!

Hermana Kennedy

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