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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Too much Elder Holland!


This week was THANKSGIVING. So, here´s a list of a few things I´m grateful for:
1. My mother. Pretty self explanatory.
2. My father. Also pretty self explanatory.
3. My siblings. I´m still trying to delude myself into thinking that I don´t miss you.
4. Mis compañeras. They´re awesome. And wondeful. And do my hair.
5. Peaches. They make me happy.
6. Mis maestros. Sure they talk really fast and I can´t understand what they're saying half the time, but I can now construct sentences in Spanish. Pretty awesome.
7. Mi distrito! They´re awesome! 6 elders and 5 hermanas = the best time of our lives. So excited to come home and have a Marvel marathon with then.
8. The nerd life, The girls in my district are all Sherlocked. It´s great.
9. The scriptures. They´re so calming. Read them more.
10. Marking crayons. Having 12 different colors is muy bueño for my purposes. Everything is color coded. Sassy moments are in pink. I don´t think I´ve ever realized just how sassy Nefi was until now...
11. El CCM. The workers put tablecloths and real plates and silverware on the lunch tables for Thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving! With turkey and creamy mashed potatoes and green beans and I was happy.
12. Devotionals. WE HAVE SO MANY. One on Sunday, one on Tuesday, one for special occasions (like Thanksgiving.) Two of them so far have been by Elder Holland. We´ve watched so many videos with Elder Holland. Mis maestros quote Elder Holland. SO MUCH ELDER HOLLAND. It´s awesome.

So there you go. I would have put God and Jesus Christ as my number one and two spots, but I thought that went without saying....

This week in the CCM has gone by so fast! We commited our first investigator, Russel, to baptism! And then we found out that he was our night teacher... #awkward. Hermano Diaz is awesome, but I still can´t help but call him "Russel". Now we have two more investigators, Carlos and Julian. Carlos is one of our day teachers, Hermano Saucedo, and Julian is Hermano Diaz again. Exciting, right?

Typing with a Spanish keyboard on a Spanish computer is weird. It makes me question my English...

I haven´t gotten sick or had a mental breakdown yet, so I´m pretty proud of myself. We´re also going to the mall today because Hermana Campbell needs shoes. ... We´re leaving the compound.

Also, here in Mexico City, they celebrate a saint EVERY SINGLE DAY. WITH FIREWORKS. IT SOUNDS LIKE A WAR ZONE. That and all the honking from the horrible traffic does not help with the noise level. Guess I´ll be ready for the fireworks when I come back to the US for New Year´s. #notcool

Also, according to Hermano Saucedo, having chairty for others is like having a bromance with them. Like Ammon and King Lamoni. Best bromance ever.

Well, we´re about to leave, so I´ll sign off!

Love you!

Hermana Kennedy

P.S. Elder Bednar gave the Thanksgiving devotional last week. We got to email him questions and he answered them. The people in the Provo MTC got to text him. Guess what? I saw Sister Sydney Sands texting Elder Bednar! It´s good to know she´s actually alive.... Ok. I´m going now. Adios!

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