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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


It´s so weird hearing the instrumental version of "Feliz Navidad" on the Mexican radio... It´s just not whole without the lyrics. (We got to listen to the Mexican radio while folding laundry again this week. Much happiness).

ANYWAY.... Here´s my diary for this week.
Wednesday: Chris spoiled "Into the Woods" for me. I´ll forgive him. Eventually.
Thursday: I dreamed about Voldemort and his pet armadillo. Good to know my dreams are still weird. Talked about charity and how we need to pray for it. TODAS LOS DIAS. En la mañana. En la noche. En la tardes. (It´s an inside joke between my comps and I. Remind me to tell you about it sometime.) The mountain was on fire, but the baptism B was still there. Started talking to Latinos at dinner. We´re best friends now, even though I still have no idea what they´re saying. One day.
Friday: Went contacting. Taught the Restoration to a couple of other missionaries. Yeah. Great fun. That´s about it.
Saturday: Played beach volleyball with 25 people and 3 balls. I´m amazed that I didn´t get hit in the face. We taught Hermana Rena for TRC. She´s so sweet! She pretty much taught us. We didn´t even try. The Spirit was so strong and we were all crying. Stupid tear glands. We also gave a Book of Mormon discussion on virtue. Read Mosiah 4 and see how it relates to virtue.
Sunday: Had a reader´s theater for Relief Society. I was the musician. In a lot of ways. Never again. The things I do for Hermana Gill (The choir director). I also gave a 6 minute and 20 second talk in Spanish on (guess the topic) FAITH in sacrament meeting. Hahaha. It´s only the topic I´ve given talks on since I was 12. I didn´t write it until sacrament meeting. Pretty proud of myself. (Our talks are supposed to be 5 minutes, btw). Had the best devotional EVER. It was by the director of operations down here, Shawn Cates. He´s a cool guy, and a gringo, so we get along well. Hermana Gill made me brownies. They were delicious. Triple fudge topped with powdered sugar. Watched the Restoration movie. We cried. It was beautiful. We also watched two videos. "He is the Gift" (#sharethegift) and "The Nativity" by . It has the Piano Guys and David Archuleta and Peter Hollens and Alex Boyé and Jeremy from Studio C. Watch it. Love it.
Monday: We took our farewell MTC pictures. Our colors were blue, yellow, and gray. Can´t wait to see how they turn out. Nothing else really happened.
Tuesday: Taught Carlos (and other people) The Law of Chastity. It went surprisingly well, except when I said that breaking the law of chastity is a really bad fish instead of a really bad sin. Mi español es roto. Had a devotional by Bishop Gary E. Stevenson where he pulled a sword (a real one) out of nowhere and said "Isn´t that narley?". Have your sword of the Spirit with you always. It´s your one weapon. Everything else the gospel gives in a shield/ protection.
Today: Cleaned. Packed. Shined the shoes. IT RAINED. Best Christmas Eve ever.

FELIZ NAVIDAD! But remember the reason for the season, for without Christ, there would be no Christmas. Share his gift, his many gifts, with the world. The gift of His Atonement. The gift of His Gospel. The Gift of His Service. STAY AWESOME.


Hermana Kennedy

Oh, and here´s some random quotes:

Hermana Hawkes referring to my nickname (A): "I´ve been sitting for the past fifteen minutes wondering how you can get "A" from "Kennedy"."
Hermana Hawkes: "Animal torture is the first step to serial killing."
Me: "Happy Christmas, Harry." Hermana Hawkes: "Happy Christmas, Ron."
Hermano Cates: "Stay on target. YOURÉ A DISEASE!" (My new life motto.)
Our Latino friends: "Aqui!" (Referring to when we hit the volleyball in the completely wrong direction.)

"Mal Pescado". (It´s a very bad fish). It´s doctrine. Leviticus 11:9-12.

¿Porque no?

Our crazy district.

Elder Wilde

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