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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas is coming!

We all need a little more Jesus in our lives
Sorry for the boring title. I couldn´t think of another one. In English, at least.

So, here´s my diary for the past week:

Wednesday: A new group of missionaries came in, and I was happy to see on of my college orchestra buddies, Clarissa Reed down here! She´s going to Alabama and will be in the MTC for Christmas, New Year´s, and her birthday. Poor girl.
Thursday: Instead of doing language study, we had choir practice because we were going to sing at the visitor´s center on Sunday. We ended up singing at the employee´s Christmas party after practice. My teachers were making faces at me the whole time. Not cool. Not cool.
Friday: It was Guadalupe day. There were a lot of fireworks. A LOT. We couldn´t sleep the night before because they were so loud. They were really loud during the day, too. Not cool.
Saturday: We had TRC today. TRC is where you teach volunteers about a certain topic that your teachers assign. We taught two members separately, Mario and Valeria. Our lesson with Mario was perfect, even though he talked super fast. The Spirit. It does cool things. We laughed most of the time with Valeria. She didn´t really have any questions or problems, so we just taught her and gave her reminders. But, at night, we had a wonderful Christmas program by some RMs, planning to be missionaries, and teachers here. It was the Nativity story in folk dancing. Satan made an appearance. He was really creepy. Never want to see that again. But the rest of the program was wonderful! They had an epic sword dance, and a piñata, and this adorable little girl. So cute. But the elders behind us were being really loud and disrespectful. They got a mouthful from President Pratt the next day, though, so it´s cool. People just don´t know performance etiquette. It makes me sad.
Sunday: I DIDN´T HAVE TO GIVE A TALK IN SACRAMENT MEETING. But next week´s topic is on faith, and that´s been my topic since I was 12. It´s going to happen. I know it. Today was the day we performed at the Visitor´s Center. There were 36 of us, and a lot of people showed up. The room was so packed that they had to move people to other rooms. And they got packed. We sang some Christmas hymns, This is the Christ, God Loved Us So He Sent His Son and He Sent His Son, I Know that My Redeemer Lives, and Oh Holy Night. Hermana Streuling and I did a piano/violin duet to Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. I did a piano solo for O Come O Come Emmanuel. Another Hermana did a gorgeous Christmas Medley. It had my favorite Christmas songs--Carol of the Bells, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, and We Three Kings. Yeah I was happy. She asked me to turn pages right before, so of course I said yes. It was great. I felt so sick--like fainting sick. I didn´t faint, though. I just snuck off my sweater and sat down to play the piano. It worked out perfectly. We also watched this movie called ¨"How Rare a Possession". It´s about the Book of Mormon. It´s a good movie. Watch it. Cry. Love it.
Monday: Instead of studying, we had an epic discussion about lightsabers and everything in the Star Wars canon universe. Shows how much we work... We´re getting better, though. That´s about all that happened.
Tuesday: Carlos is on a baptism date! So proud of him. Now he just needs to keep the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. Fingers crossed. It was also Hermano Melara´s last day with us. He´s leaving to go to school. He showed us an awesome inspirational video that his mission made. He better send it to me. It made me cry. Partially because the music was by Hans Zimmer. Time from Inception and another song from the Da Vinci Code. It was beautiful. We cleaned bathrooms for our service project. We´re pro cleaners now. I also played at the devotional. It was a really good devotional by an Elder of the 4th Quorum of the Seventy down here. Ask me about it, and I´ll tell you.

Fireworks still go off every day here. We yell Guadalupe every time we´re in our casa and one goes off. Yeah.

Love you!

Hermana Kennedy

P.S. We get to see Meet the Mormons on Christmas. I´ll be smarter this time and bring tissues. Yup. It´s going down.

"Sista Time!"
Sister Kennedy and her companions
"Our Christmas tree"
"My Decoration"

"The Elders"
"The Sisters"
Mexico City Temple 
"Temple Time!"

"Visitor's Center Decorations"


"Jesus! (Because, why not?)"

"These are the guys from my district. This is what they send me on P-Day. Yeah. We're perfect for each other. We know." 
"Elder Etter's Arm. It's very veiny"

"Our teacher's last day and our party"

"Mexican Coke. Yum." 

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