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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Another week gone.

Sister Kennedy's MTC District
I know I´ve only been gone three weeks, but we´re in week 4! Solo español week. Es no bueno. I have to speak only Spanish for the next 3 weeks before I leave! Yeah. Not happening so well right now. Thank goodness I have a companion who´s pretty much fluent. (I love you Hermana Campbell!)

So, we got two new progressing investigators, Carlos and Julian. One´s my day teacher, Hermano Saucedo and the other is my night teacher, Hermano Diaz, respectively. Julian has committed to baptism. We teach him again tonight. Carlos is... Carlos. He´s more interested now. He´s reading el Libro de Mormon, so that´s good, right?

A lot has happened this week. We started this thing called TRC. It´s where volunteers come so that the missionaries can practice their Spanish teaching skills. They´re either nonmembers, members, investigators, or inactives. We got a member, Miguel, who was actually one of the teachers here. We taught him about prayer, reading the Book of Mormon, and Satan. It was fun. And terrifying at the same time.

We went to the visitor´s center for the Mexico City Temple today. It´s absolutely beautiful! We didn´t get to go inside the temple because it´s closed for the next six months. (It was sinking, so I completely understand.) We did get to tour the visitor´s center and see their beautiful pointsettas! (Pics are coming, I promise.)

I also went running with Hermana McArthur on Monday. We both threw up after, but we´re ok now. Thank goodness for the priesthood.

Spiritual things: We´ve been talking a lot about being converted. Having a testimony and being converted are two completely different things. A testimony is something you know is true. Being converted is living your testimony every day. It´s called having integrity. If you don´t know the definition, look up Renee Pay and she´ll be happy to tell you. Actually, just ask her about the 8 keys of excellence, and you´ll be set for life. Anyway, conversion is a lifelong process. It´s not a big, grand experience. As you keep living the principles you know are true, you´ll begin to be converted in that one thing. Then you move on to the next principle and repeat. Endure to the end. All that fun stuff.

Funny things: My district laughs a lot. We´re really close, and we don´t want to be close to anyone else, so we´ve become "That district". I´ve also heard "the Kennewicks". We have a reputation. It´s kind of awesome.

Keep loving everyone, especially Jesus!

Happy Christmas season everyone! Remember the Savior every day for the next 13 days. He´d really appreciate it.


Hermana Kennedy

P.S. Our service project this week was folding laundry, specifically sheets. I am a pro folder now. We got to listen to Spanish Disney music. It´s awesome! Although, Hakuna Matata in Spanish is kind of weird... Oh well. I liked it. We got to listen to the Aristocats, and I got very happy. :)

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