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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yo estoy en Mexico!

I can write a complete sentence in Spanish. I am so pleased with my progress. Ser y estar are weird verbs, but I´ll go with it.

This week was my first week at the CCM! It´s pretty great. I have two companions, Hermana McArthur from St. George, and Hermana Campbell from San Antonio, Texas. They´re awesome! They´re so sweet and nice and nerds. We get along well, if you can´t tell. There´s also two hermanas we´re with all the time, Hermana Hawkes from Arizona and Hermana Streuling from Utah! It´s great. They´re in my district.

The food here is really good. It´s authentic Mexican food most of the time. The orange juice is drinkable, too, but I think the apple juice is better. Speaking of food, Tuesday is probably my favorite day. It´s P-day eve, pizza night, and devotional night. We get a giant slice of Costco pizza for dinner. Es muy bueno. Last night, our devotional was given by Elder y Hermana Oaks. They talked a lot about obedience and not being too hard on ourselves. They encouraged us to have charity, the pure love of Christ, so that we would be more able to lose ourselves in the Lord´s work.

I have to teachers. I still don´t know their names because they talk so fast. They only speak in Spanish which is really difficult for most of my district. (My district is the equivalent of a class.) We have cinco hermanas y seis elders en mi distrito. We´re all going to Washington Kennewick, Spanish speaking, so that´s pretty cool.

The language is still awful, but I´m getting there. We had to teach our first investigator, Russell on Friday of last week. IN SPANISH. Poor guy. Poor, poor guy. Our whole lesson on faith went kaboom. Esta bien. Esta bien.

I´m unofficially the official ward pianist. Sacrament meeting is the equivalent of a mental breakdown because we don´t know who´s giving the talks. Presidente Torres will announce your name, and then you have to speak. It´s an assigned topic, though, so we all have a week to prepare our talks. Still not cool, though. 

Well, life is good, the Lord is good. Pictures will come next week. For now, gotta run! 

Con amor,
Hermana Kennedy

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