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Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

There is no time for life in the mission field!

Seriously. There's no time to go to the bathroom, teach everything that you want to teach, clean your room, unpack, etc... Luckily for me, I came in on New Year's Eve when we had to be home no later than 6. After eating dinner with the bishop of the 8th ward (It feels like home!) we went home and I had time to unpack. #tendermercies

SO.... I don't have much time, so here's the policy version of my life:
1. My new companion is Hermana Cain. She's a southern Georgia peach and has seen Gone with the Wind. It's her 3rd transfer in the mission field, and was only in the MTC for 2 weeks in Provo.
2. My first area is...*drumroll* MOSES LAKE!!!! I love. The sunsets here are DA BEST. The people here are DA BEST. The weather here is... a lot like Virginia mixed with a hint of Utah dryness. Oh, and it snowed, and I had to teach Hermana Cain how to drive in snow. She only ran two stop signs, slid across 3 intersections, and fishtailed 5 times. (Over exaggeration because she's a southern gal.) We're still alive though.
3. Spiritual thought of the week: When you're doing the Lord's work, He'll bless you so much! Example: We had to drive up a really big hill IN SNOW. As we were driving up, we saw a pickup truck that had slid down the hill and backed up into the bank. They looked at us and wished us luck. Oh they of little faith. Little did they know that angels were pushing our car up the hill. That's true power right there. #Mosesmiracles
4. New Year's is the best time to start a mission. You get all the horrible stuff done and over with. You've already talked to all the drunk and high people, so there's not much left that's bad.

Oh, favorite experience: We are teaching this one family, the Silver family (Names are changed). The parents speak Spanish and can't read. The kids speak English and can read. THEY ARE SO AMAZING!!! We prayed with them our last lesson, and the mom just broke down. She felt the Spirit and God's love for her so much! She was the one praying, and we never actually finished the prayer before we left... Oh well. That Spirit though. Strive to always have it with you.

Love you!

Hermana Kennedy

P.S. I no longer like Wal-Mart. I can't listen to hymns, etc... in there. So when all my old favorite songs come on... Darn you, Satan.

Singing at the Visitors Center

Sister Kennedy's MTC District

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