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Monday, March 7, 2016

Whose companion am I?

Buenos dias, hermanos y hermanas!

Well, this week has certainly been interesting. I have been with Hermana Torrez for a grand total of 3 days this week! It's a new record. Here's what went down:

Monday: P-Day. We had an awesome lesson with Jorge and Dulce. They haven't been reading the Book of Mormon, so we read Ether 12 with them. And then we went on exchanges.

So, exchanges work super weird. Hermana Harston comes with me and Hermana Torrez and Hermana Dungan stay together. Then, Hermana Harston and I exchange with some sisters. This week we exchanged with Sister Torman and Sister Hopkins. I stayed in my area with Sister Hopkins.

Tuesday: We had a great day. Studies. Service. Had an awesome less-active lesson with Alfredo about temples. She wants to go, but is confused about sealings... A member brought us dinner, and we spent our night contacting referrals. It was a great time. And then we exchanged back.

Wednesday: We had studies and then drove to Quincy for our trainer-trainee meeting. The member that drove us was super awesome and fed us dinner after. We had a super cool experience right after trainer-trainee. I realized that I wasn't listening enough to Hermana Torrez, and so I worked on that that night. We were in a trailer park contacting a referral, and we met him, set up a return appointment, and went to our backup. We talked to our backup and were walking toward our car to leave for the people we were going to try at 8. On our way to the car, Hermana Torrez looked at a house and said "she looks Hispanic" and she asked me if we should knock it. Originally my thought was "no". BUT, I wanted to listen to her and make her feel like she contributed to our companionship. So, we knocked. They opened. We were invited in, taught a lesson, set up a return appointment, and the lady gave us some Mexican bread and rice to go. Miracle!

Thursday: Well, we spent all day in Yakima for Mission Leadership Council (MLC). I was with Hermana Harston, not Hermana Torrez. We had to drive down with 4 zone leaders... It was great fun.

Friday: Well, we spent all day driving and in meetings. I was still with Hermana Harston. Until dinner. We ate super fast and then went to our set appointments that we had all night. The first house was super nice but super Catholic, but they gave us ceviche, so they're great in my book! Then we saw Jorge and Dulce again. Didn't get very far, but they're opening up a lot more, now.

Saturday: Service. Zone training meeting. STL planning (once again Hermana Harston's companion). Dinner. And we drove out to Rock Island, contacted some referrals, tried some potentials, and ended our night seeing a less-active part member family. They came to church last week, and they're doing awesome! Life is stressful, but they know they need to start coming to church hour by hour again. And it was pouring rain while we were doing all this. Thank you mom for sending me the best paraguas ever.

Sunday: Studies. Church. We had a ward break the fast after church. Best idea ever. I think we should have one every Sunday. OH WAIT! Our ward is having dinner after church every Sunday. Best idea ever. We tried by 3 people with a member, but none of them were available to listen to us. But, we got to know the member really well, and he is awesome! He's from Zamora, Nate! And then we went home and did our weekly planning because we couldn't do it during the week. And we finished it, so that's awesome!

And then there's Hermana Torrez. I could not have asked for a better companion. She is adjusting so well and is not terrified of anything (except inviting people to be baptized)! She was a champ this week. She and Hermana Dungan saw a lot of miracles. She paid me a super huge compliment during our companionship inventory when she said "I'm so excited when I see you and we get to be companions--even for a few seconds. You're not a perfect trainer, we both know that, but you're the perfect trainer for me." *cries* She is amazing. I could not have asked for a more patient and proactive companion. Man. She is awesome.

Something spiritual:  This week's spiritual slap to the face comes from 2 Chronicles 7:16. "For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for ever: and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually." I was preparing a training for zone training meeting about consecration. While I was studying, I flipped to the Old Testament and started reading  about the building of Solomon's temple. I found this verse and I substituted  "this house" to my name. I realized that I, as a missionary, have been chosen and sanctified. As such, the Lord's name needs to be upon me continually--on my name tag, on my very being. I need to change my eyes to be able to see everyone and everything through his eyes. And, I need to let my heart become his heart to love everyone the way he loves them. That is my purpose as a missionary--to become like him. Elder Solis also shared this quote with me:

"You were once generals in the war in heaven and one day, when you are again in the spirit world, you will be enthralled with those whom you will associate with. You will ask someone in which time period they lived and you might hear, 'I was with Moses when he parted the Red Sea,' or 'I helped build the pyramids,' or 'I fought with Captain Moroni.' As you are standing there in amazement, someone will turn to you and ask, 'Which of the prophets' time did you live in?' When you say 'Gordon B. Hinckley's' a hush will fall over every hall and corridor in heaven and all in attendance will bow at your presence. You were held back 6000 years because you were the most talented, the most obedient, the most courageous, and the most righteous. Are you still?"

I sure am trying to be! As long as I keep sanctifying myself and becoming who Christ wants me to be, I will continue to be so.

And yeah. That's about it. Have a miraculous week! Love you all!

Hermana Kennedy

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