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Monday, March 21, 2016

St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!!

Well. This week was the longest, but also the shortest week of my mission. Where does time go?! Anyway, here's what happened this week in the life of Hermana Kennedy:

Monday; Had dinner with Natalya's family and got to watch Aleluya with them. :) Drove up to Chelan for exchanges and drove back. Random fact: It takes a body 1 month to rise to the top of the Columbia River because it is that deep.

Tuesday: I had a great exchange with Hermana Faulk. We got to do some service at the museum and eat dinner with some awesome members. AND, we got to teach an Activity Days group of girls about missionary work for St. Patrick's Day. (Did you know St. Patrick was a missionary?! No wonder it's my favorite holiday!) All the girls said that they would share the gospel by going on a mission. We gave them each a Hallelujah card to pass out to a friend. One of them came up after and asked if she could have a second one to give to another one of her friends. For cute! We also got to see some investigators that we haven't been able to see for the past 2 weeks and teach them about the Atonement! Miracles!

Wednesday: We've been working with our Relief Society President a lot this week. She lives in our area and will be a member for 2 years this year! We stopped by for a quick member visit when we were in the area a week ago and we asked her for some advice she had for the missionaries. She said that she would suggest that we learn how to relate the Bible to the Book of Mormon and teach our message from the Bible. So, we started to do a "Bible Study" to practice with her and bounce ideas off of her. It was so awesome! We also saw one of our recent converts and shared Aleluya with him. He loved it and said he'd come to church on Sunday. :)

Thursday: EL DIA DE SAN PATRICIO! Definitely wore green. Dyed our milk green for Hermana Torrez's cereal. She dyed my eggs green. Had a great district council, did some service, saw Claudius, had dinner, had a 2nd dinner, and went to coordination.

Friday: WE FINISHED WEEKLY PLANNING IN 2 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a big accomplishment. It doesn't get done that fast. And then we went on exchanges. I was with Sister Adamson and we talked to a lot of new people. We ended the night visiting Natalya and teaching her about the Atonement. She had a ton of good questions. We watched the new Bible videos with her, and she was so excited to actually know what Easter was about. :) She's my absolute favorite. :)

Saturday: So, let me tell you how awesome Sister Holmes and Sister Adamson are. We told them their exchanges would be Friday and Saturday, and they said they had a baptism on Saturday at 4. BUT, they said we could start our exchanges at 3:30 on Friday and we could all be together for the baptism at 4 on Saturday. So, we finished weekly planning in 2 hours and 45 minutes, exchanged, had a wonderful time, and it ended with their investigator entering the waters of baptism. :) Sister Adamson and I had a couple great lessons and talked to a ton of new people! And then Hermana Torrez and I saw another investigator that we haven't been able to see for a couple weeks. And then we got to have Argentine food at our ward activity! Yum. :)

Sunday: Had lunch with some awesome less actives. We asked them what they could do this week to be more Christlike and they said find us a new investigator!!!!!!! Had dinner. And got to meet the husband of one of our investigators who plays the guitar and sings. He sang us "How Great Thou Art" and they invited us back for tamales tonight. No complaints here!

Also, can I rant about my companion for a few minutes? I'm definitely grateful to be with Hermana Torrez right now. She knows exactly what to do to boost my spirits when I'm feeling blue, and she encourages me to recommit myself everyday to the work and to what I have said I will do. It's something I really appreciate--more than she realizes I think. She is so good at doing the little things to brighten my day and to brighten everyone's day for that matter! She might be crazy, but it's the good kind of crazy. She is so awesome.

Also, it's so weird that I get to go on all of these new sister's first exchanges! I think it's so awesome that I get to be the first experience they have with an exchange. It's the best thing ever! :)

As for me, I have a strong testimony this week that my Heavenly Father loves me. Most of the lessons I have been able to teach this week have been about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Teaching that just helps me to feel the love of my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I know without a doubt that they know me personally. Evidence of that is that my favorite hymn has come up a lot this week. Monday was a little bit of a stressful day, but when we first got into the car on Tuesday, the song that was playing was "I Believe in Christ", my favorite hymn. Sunday morning, it came to my mind as something to write on a foam Easter egg to give to Sister Torman and Sister Hopkins. It was our opening hymn in sacrament meeting. And during the sacrament, it was the hymn the book opened to so that I could read the lyrics and think of Christ. I'm so grateful for this Easter season and for my Savior, Jesus Christ. "I believe in Christ; he stands supreme. From him, I'll gain my fondest dream. And while I strive through grief and pain, his voice is heard "ye shall obtain". I believe in Christ, so come what may! With him I'll stand in the great day when on this earth he comes again to rule among the sons of men." And I leave that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you all! Have a fantastic week, and remember the reason for the season! Hallelujah!

Hermana Kennedy

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Our district...

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