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Monday, February 29, 2016

Transfers. Again.

Hola Familiares y Amigos!

Well, once again, the Lord has thrust me outside of my comfort zone and given me more than I can handle just to make sure that I'm humble and willing to rely on Him. I think I've actually hit a stress level this week. It's a weird experience. I've never experienced this much stress in my life, and it's not even that much! I'm kind of clueless. Adjusting to Missionary Life has become my best friend. Anyway... As for the rest of this week, here's your run down!

Monday: P-day! We picked up Hermanas Blackmer and Hansen from Chelan and brought them down to Wenatchee so that Hermana Blackmer could catch her ride to Yakima and to home. Hermana Hansen tri-paned with us until Wednesday until her greenie came. We even got to have an awesome lesson with Claudius! I learned that his favorite color is green. Fun fun.

Tuesday: Had a long day. Service. Packing. Stressing. Dying. Ate dinner. Had an awesome lesson with an investigator that we had to pass off to the YSA sisters and slept.

Wednesday: Studies. I said goodbye to Hermana Harston. Even though I still see her every day. But, Hermana Hansen and I had an awesome day. We did some online reports that I needed to do, talked with some members, talked to a new person, and might have vomitted a couple times at the thought of training a new missionary. And ate ice cream. That's always good, right? And then, around 4, we got our new greenies! My new baby is Hermana Torrez. She's a Georgia peach and new my first zone leader, Elder Walton. Life is crazy. We saw Natalya and taught her the Word of Wisdom. It was her birthday, so we got her some birthday presents, too.

Thursday: Studies. Hermana Harston and I did our leadership planning over froyo, did some service, had dinner, saw Claudius again, and the rest of our plans fell through. Asi es.

Friday: The most stressful weekly planning of my life. 1. I had to plan by myself because Hermana Torrez doesn't know anything yet. 2. We have meetings pretty much every day this week and I won't be with Hermana Torrez for 3/4s of them. It's great. All of our plans fell through, but we were able to see a less active and have another lesson.

Saturday: Had lunch with a less active. Tracted. Had a miracle lesson with some investigators that we never get to see. Had dinner at 5:30 and went to a baptism at 6. It was a wonderful time. The woman that got baptized invited us over for pozole after, and so we had 2nd dinner! It was totally worth it. She is a bomb cook and can't wait to come out with us. :)

Sunday: Studies. Church. Dinner. 2nd dinner at Natalya's for her birthday party. Miracle lesson with Jorge and Dulce who we are never able to see. We set up a return appointment for today, so that should be fun.

Hermana Torrez is awesome. I love her. She's pretty sassy and is always willing to put up with me and my lack of knowledge. Preparation for motherhood, right there. Definitely outside of my comfort zone. I've decided that I'm probably the worst trainer ever, but God makes up for my lack of everything...

In other news, I think I finally understand the Sabbath Day. I've been pondering the Sabbath Day for a long time--typically everything I learn and talk to you about comes from sacrament meeting. Well, yesterday, I was sitting on the stand for the sacrament (I'm the ward organist) and I looked out at the crowd. I saw Maria and Alex Chavez (they were baptized Saturday) renew their covenants for the first time. They were glowing. I saw Shayla help her little sister, Ruth, take the sacrament. And then I looked out and saw the less active part-member family cry over the fact that they could take the sacrament again. And then I realized--the Sabbath is a day of rest. We have hard days, hard weeks, hard lives in general, and we can go to church every Sunday to forget about ourselves and remember our Savior. We go to church broken, hopeless, and exhausted. We leave healed and with a strengthened faith to endure the challenges of the next week. I'm very thankful for the sacrament and for the chance to renew my covenants every week. I'm grateful for the Atonement and that I can be healed because Christ suffered everything for me. And I share that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I think that's about it. Have a miraculous week! Paz afuera!

Hermana Kennedy

Hermana Harston, Hermana Hansen, y yo.

Shayla with her gifts.

Shayla with her gifts.

Hermana Torrez y yo.

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