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Monday, February 8, 2016


Hermana Hansen and Hermana Kennedy
Hola Familia y Amigos! Como estan?

Esta semana... No hay palabras por esta semana. Era bien... extrano? No se como se explique. I really need a Spanish keyboard... Nobody will understand what I'm trying to say...

Well, this week has been thrilling. I can't wait to see what next week has in store. Here's your rundown:

Monday: Remember L from last week? She dropped us. And Claudius stood us up at our lesson. It was a pretty rough night.

Tuesday: Drove down to Yakima for MLC. It was awesome. Spiritually uplifting, etc. Got some gluten free pizza and drove a brand new red Toyota Corolla back up. It wasn't for us, but it was nice to drive in a car separate from the elders...  and listen to a John Bytheway talk. And just talk.

Wednesday: Well, we got to go to the doctor for Hermana Harston. She got her back and neck readjusted, and I got to sit and watch. My back aches for an adjustment now. That's twice that I've had to watch a companion get adjusted while I groaned in pain on the sidelines. After that, we drove to Rock Island and met a few new people. A family let us in because it was snowing, and we taught them part of the Restoration, but they're Catholics. Oh well. One day. Then, we got to go on exchanges with the Manson sisters! I stayed in my area with Hermana Hansen. It turns out that our families know each other, but we don't know each other... Awkward.

Thursday: Had an awesome exchange! Saw a less active, Alfredo, who turned off the TV (which is highly unusual for her) and let us have an actual lesson. It was awesome. We also saw Natalya and her mom and taught them the 10 Commandments. They remembered all of them! #tendermercies Then, after eating dinner, getting gas, using the bathroom, and staying out of the way of an unhappy guy, we drove up to Manson to exchange back. We almost hit 5 deer on the way back. down to Wenatchee after, but all is well. Our Jetta handled nicely. (Thanks dad for teaching me how to drive to avoid deer.)

Friday: After 2 meetings, a trunky call, frozen yogurt, and a weekly planning session with the sisters, we ate dinner and went out to work. And we never finished weekly planning.

Saturday: Had an awesome zone training meeting. I wore 4' heels because they're not against mission guidelines. It just says shoes with a low heel are preferred. And then we went out and worked! We found a ton of new people and saw Claudius! It was awesome! Details later.

Sunday: We finally finished weekly planning, had an awesome church. Alfredo and Natalya came. Broke the fast. Found a new investigator FAMILY. Details later. And had a lesson with a less-active part member family. Details later. Pretty cool.

This week was a struggle week for our area. L dropped us on Monday. And we had a member with us too. Ouch. Claudius dropped off the face of the earth all week (meaning he went to Seattle) and wouldn't respond to our calls and texts. And all of our other investigators dropped us. So, on Friday we had 2 investigators--Claudius (who was kind of iffy) and Sariah, a 9 year old from a part-member family that's never home. BUT, we did not despair! We kept searching and praying and working, and we saw a ton of miracles this week.
1. Natalya came to church with her little sister and remembered to fast. She also remembered all the 10 commandments.
2. Claudius met with us on Saturday and opened up about all his concerns. He wants to be baptized, but he won't commit to a date until he can honestly answer all the baptismal interview questions. So, we started reviewing the questions with him. The cool thing was that we had tried to get a member to come out with us. We literally called everyone we knew, and nobody answered. But, if somebody had come with us to that lesson, he wouldn't have opened up about his concerns and doubts. The Lord works in mysterious ways, right?
3. We found a family to teach on Sunday. WITH 7 CHILDREN ABOVE THE AGE OF 8. And they are so humble and ready for the gospel. I know I say that about everyone, but they're so golden!
4. We finally got in with Sariah and her family! And we have a return appointment. And they want to come back to church. And he's going to Tacoma for some alcohol rehab so that he can quit forever! And they gave us Mexican food which we haven't had in months... They're our new favorites. :)

Something I've been thinking a lot about and noticing is when we're speaking our words, and when the Spirit is speaking through us. In our lessons, I've noticed when we're talking and when the Spirit is talking. For instance, our lesson with Claudius on Saturday. One of his concerns is about the Restoration, so I started teaching the Restoration. Then, the Spirit said through Hermana Harston something totally off-topic that allowed him to open up about his real challenges and concerns. Or during our zone training meeting. Elder Turley, one of our zone leaders, was talking about goals and all of a sudden the Spirit started talking about our true measure of success as missionaries, which was a concern that was brought up during ZLC. It was really cool for me to take a step back and actually notice the transition between the two, and it definitely strengthened my testimony that the Holy Ghost is the real teacher, not us.

Well, you're #awka-awkward story this week comes from yours truly! And one of our zone leaders. I won't say who. Here's the conversation:

Me: "Ok. We'll exchange tomorrow."

Elder: "Wait. Cars, right?"

Me: "No. That's ridiculous. We need to exchange companions." *side note: Missionary Handbook says that Elders DO NOT exchange with sister.*

Elder: "Ok... Well, we're really busy right now...."

Me: "You don't understand! I need to be emergency transferred! Hermana Harston proposed to me tonight!" *side note 2: We found a little container with a ring and a quarter in it, and Hermana Harston proposed to me with the ring.*

Elder: "Well, we are really busy... And the assistants are calling! You Elders, I mean sisters, have a good night!"

This is also the same elder that said: "We're flexible. Just not our bodies."


Well, I think that's about it for this week. Have a miraculous week y nos vemos muy pronto!

Hermana Kennedy

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