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Monday, February 22, 2016

A Fateful February

Hermana Harston y yo being silly.
So, here's what happened this week:

We really tried to have a ton of member present lessons this week. We had members out with us, but no fish were biting. So, we only had 4. :( It's ok. Things will change. We took a member out that I had never taken out before, and she's so awesome! She's preparing to go to the temple to be sealed to her husband. :) They'll get sealed in December in the Salt Lake temple, so I can be there!!!

In other news, this week was a blur, so I'm just going to give you the general gist of everything.

1. We hiked Saddlerock this morning at 5:30. It was super steep and my legs will be jellyfish tentacles tomorrow. But, the view was totally worth it. We went with the missionaries serving in our ward--Elders Turley, Tanner, Mendoza, and Kiser, and Hermanas Campbell, Dungan, Harston, y yo. Pics to come later.

2. Sundays. Everybody listens to hard core rap music on Sundays? Don't their mothers make them listen to MoTab?

3. Interviews. We had interviews this past week with President Lewis. They were super awesome, as usual. Sister Lewis talked to us a lot about our strengths, talents, and spiritual gifts. She encouraed each of us to study our patriachal blessings looking for 4 things:
Blessings (if/then statements)
Admonitions/ Counsel/ Advice (do something)
Warnings (don't do something)
Strengths, Talents, and Spiritual gifts (Study D&C 46, Moroni 7 and 1 Corinthians to know them or just read "Spiritual gifts" in true to the faith. Every blessing has at least one spiritual gift!)
4. We played human foozball for a ward activity on Saturday. It was super fun and we had a less active part member family come! And, a woman who's preparing to be baptized on Saturday brought snacks for everyone! She is SO SOLID.

5. Transfers. This transfer is a little more stressful than normal. Lots of changes happened. President called us at 3 on Saturday to inform us that both Hermana Harston and I are training! Yay. Companion #14! BUT, he didn't release us from being Sister Training Leaders. In fact, we are both still STL companions. She's hopping over the river to finish training Hermana Dungan because Hermana Campbell got called to train again. So, I'm staying in East Wenatchee receiving a brand new missionary! Hopefully I'll keep this companion for 2 transfers. If I don't, I'll be very sad. These are the last 2 transfers of my mission, and I'd love to get to know at least one companion...

Anyway, cool experience I want to share: Something I've learned from Hermana Harston this transfer is that she's always so encouraging. She always is there saying: "you're a beast" when we're running. She can run circles around me. So, Elders Turley, Tanner, Mendoza, and Kiser and Hermanas Harston, Dungan, Campbell, and I had a crazy idea to hike Saddlerock this morning. Hermana Campbell hates hiking, but she wanted to let Hermana Dungan have some fun, so she came anyway. She was pretty slow, and I stayed with her the whole time. I found that I was using Hermana Harston's words of encouragement to help her get up the super steep hill. And she made it with time to spare to watch the sunrise and take pictures. :) Lesson learned? I think so. :)

Also, I had a pretty cool testimony building experience of the Atonement this week. I went to church with a specific question in mind which was: "What can I change to be more charitable?". As I was eating the sacrament bread, I felt a dull pain in my mouth. I thought of the pain that Christ's physical body was put through--the nails, the scourgings, everything. I thought of myself and all the physical pain I'm experiencing--my knees, my hips, my head, my back, my shoulders, my teeth--and it hit me that he suffered all of it!!!! ALL OF IT. That's a lot of pain. Because it wasn't just me. It was everyone. That's a TON of pain!!!! (If you can't tell, I still haven't gotten over my shock...) Anyway, then I drank the sacramental water. As the liquid fell down my throat, I became aware of all my spiritual anguish--my sorrow, my self-pity, my exhaustion, my anxiety, my pride--and it hit me once again that he suffered all of it!!!! ALL OF IT!!!  HE'S SUFFERED ALL OF IT. Why? BECAUSE HE LOVES US. HE HAD ENOUGH COMPASSION FOR US TO GO THROUGH ALL OF THAT FOR US. As I was pondering this important spiritual lesson, the thought came to mind "be more compassionate". The final stab to the heart. My question was answered, and a powerful lesson learned, all from preparing for the sacrament. It's pretty crazy how that works, right?

Anyway. This transfer will be really unique. It's a 7 week transfer to account for the native speaker change in the MTC, so we'll see how that goes. Have a miraculous week! I love you all!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

We got donuts on my 15 month mark and for weekly planning. They make gluten free donuts.

Hermana Harston y yo being silly.

Our hike. :)

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