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Monday, January 4, 2016

A Happy New Year!

And us on new years. Because, why not?
Whew. This week just flew by! Here's your brief update:

Monday: P-day. I went on exchanges to Castlerock and YSA with Sister Holmes. It was awesome. We went to YSA FHE and I remembered why I didn't go to YSA before I left on my mission.

Tuesday: Had an awesome exchange. Taught Hermana Johnson's childhood best friend. He's really cool and said he'd read the Book of Mormon. Left on another exchange.

Wednesday: Was on exchanges in Mission Ridge with Sister Danger. It was so much fun! Took a brief detour to meet President Lewis's family in the evening... Finished up the awesome exchange and got home around 10:15. (Don't you love 30 minute stories about suicide?)

Thursday: We finished up Hermana Johnson's trunky training. It only took about 3 hours, but I got some family history work done! (Kind of. No breakthroughs or anything, but I now know how to do family history.) We had dinner and then had to go home at 6 for New Years. We did a puzzle, listened to some music, drank some Martinelli's and slept. Because we're exhausted.

Friday: Did some weekly planning. Made some cookies and cupcakes. Couldn't proselyte, but we still managed to get 3 other lessons in. Cookies open the door for everything.

Saturday: Had an awesome day. Had Zone Leadership Council (ZLC) up in Chelan. All of the members happened to be at the church building, so I got to say hi. :) Came down, sang at a baptism, went out and worked, had an awesome day. A member gave us a gift card to eat out, so we ate out, and Hermana Johnson accidentally ate wheat. It was bad. Really bad. She was out for the rest of the night. So, I updated the area book, cleaned our house, ate some Swedish Fish, planned, and went to bed.

Sunday: Well, our schedule changed, so we now have church at 2:15. Weird. We did our studies, finished updating our area book, called some people to come to church, went to ward coordination, and finally had church. Which ended at 5:15. We got to our dinner around 6 because it was on the other side of the river and it was snowing. It snowed about 6 inches during the day and another 6 inches at night. Yuck. Finished dinner, did some member visits, got lost trying to contact a referral, but managed to talk to a few people and have a less active lesson. It was pretty cool.

Well, this month, the "we write of Christ" theme is share how you intend to make the most of this new year. #newyear


Ok, so I'm really bad at making new years resolutions. I'm really bad at setting goals in general. it doesn't help that I won't be a missionary for this entire new year. That one year is up. I only have 5 months left as a missionary! But, if there's one thing I've learned from this past week, it's that Christlike attributes never fail you! Obedience always brings blessings. Charity and love always bring happiness. Hope gives you something to live for. Small things like that. I've noticed on my mission that when we're doing our best to be as Christlike as we can be, that's when all the miracles come. So, one of my new years resolutions is to strive to become more Christlike. Now, if you know Preach my Gospel chapter 6, there are 9 Christlike attributes. That's 1 Christlike attribute a month with a 3 month flex period where you can find your own Christlike attributes and develop them. This month, I'm striving to develop the trait of obedience. I encourage each of you to join me in the quest to become more Christlike. For those of you who don't have Preach My Gospel, the Christlike attributes are:
Charity and Love
Have fun with your #newyear resolution! #wewriteofchrist

Well, I hope y'all have a miraculous week! Hasta luego!

Hermana Kennedy
And us on new years. Because, why not?
Hermana Johnson with our cupcakes. 
Hermana Johnson doing our puzzle. 

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