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Monday, January 11, 2016

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Sister Skousen, Sister Danger, y yo. Sister Danger went home. :(
Well. This week was full of unexpected life changes. Here's your brief rundown:

Monday: Had P-day. Didn't get to do anything too fun. We ran around a lot. But, we were able to see Claudius and find out his hesitation about being baptized! Now we can address it! Yay!

Tuesday: Well, we were supposed to have a leadership training down in Yakima, but it got canceled last minute due to snow. And moved to Thursday. Which was the only day we could have exchanged with the Sisters in Oroville, because they live 3 hours away from civilization. So, after a million phone calls, we had to cancel our exchange. :( But, we had an awesome day and were able to find and teach 2 golden investigators! Seriously. I have never had somebody ask me so many questions. It was beautiful. :)

Wednesday: Had some more last minute changes as meetings got moved around due to the other meeting being moved. Just one thing after another. And we went out and worked for about 5 hours. And nobody opened a door. Nobody was even out on the street. We talked to 1 person all day. #hardknocklife

Thursday: We had our leadership training which took up all day. Insights at the bottom of the email.

Friday: Weekly planning. I planned by myself as Hermana Johnson packed. And another night where we worked for 3 hours and nobody answered their door... #hardknocklife

Saturday: Had a great zone training meeting! Insights at the bottom as well. Worked. Saw Claudius. It was pretty fun. We also got transfer calls. I'm staying here in Wenatchee receiving a new STL companion, Hermana Harston. We were in the same district in Yakima, and I'm super excited to serve with her! She'll whip my butt into shape in more ways than one...

Sunday: Got a less active to come to church! And 2 of our investigators miraculously showed up at church too! And liked it! Woohoo! We had a great ward conference. Insights also at the bottom. And we got out of church at 5:30... We had dinner and spent the night saying goodbye, writing thank you cards, and packing.

And I sent Hermana Johnson to the funeral home today. She ends her mission life tomorrow. :( Pobrecita.

Spiritual insights:

Leadership Training: I think in the grand scheme of things, the main insight I got from our training was that we need to be able to see others through God's eyes. The training was based off of Elder Dale G. Renlund's talk this past general conference entitled "Through God's eyes". I wish I could find the video they showed with it, but it was super motivating! I'll find it for you next week. Look up Elder Renlund's talk and see what you can do to see others through God's eyes.

Zone Training Meeting: We talked a lot about charity and how it's important to have charity for everyone. It is our motive for everything we do, and we need to pray for it every day. When we develop that charity, we can see through God's eyes and know the things He wants us to do.

Ward Conference: The stake presidency talked about believing in the impossible--how with God everything is possible and we just need to rely on Him. He can make more of us than we can ever make of ourselves.

Well, have a great week. Talk to y'all later! (And Hermana Harston's from Texas, so that y'all's gonna rub off on me...)

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy
Hermana Johnson y yo

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