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Monday, January 18, 2016

New Year New You

Hermana Johnson y yo.
Hola! Bienvenidos a todos!

Quote of the Week: "New Year, new you. Get baptized."

This week the e-mail will be a little different. Here's what happened this week:

First, I said goodbye to Hermana Johnson and I received Hermana Blackmer again for a few days! My real companion is Hermana Harston. She's from San Antonio, Texas and loves to work out. I've come to realize just how out of shape I am....

Second, we had adventures with food this week. A member gave us some chicken to cook. It was in the oven for about 3 hours, and it was still pink on the inside... It's ok. We just ate leftovers because we had no food in our house... It's ok. We have food now. :)

Third, I'm sorry I haven't talked about this month's #wewriteofchrist! This month's hashtag is #newyear. So, my goal for this month is to be more obedient. For me, that means going to bed on time. #newyear. We'll see how well that goes...

Fourth, I started writing a miracle a day on my calendar for this year. It's amazing to see all the miracles the Lord gives us every day. We also have been having a million lessons with Claudius. He's so hesitant to be baptized and he hasn't been coming to church lately either. We had such an amazing lesson with him on Saturday, though! His daughters were there and sat in on the lesson. We talked about baptism and how important it is. They all learned something new about the gospel, and the Spirit was so strong! I think we all learned something. :)

Fifth, We had some awkward moments this week. Here's your list:
One of our investigators, Violet, told us she was a member... And still wants us to come back and teach her.
I wore a time turner to church, and a member looked at it and asked me if it was the Liahona. We'll keep letting him think that.
We also knocked on this guy's door at 8:45, and he said, "well, you're a little late, so I won't invite you in." Ok. We couldn't come in if there wasn't another woman anyway.
We visited an investigator yesterday and were hit on by some very borrachos. One of them hugged me. I felt like I broke the law of chastity, it was so awkward.
Those same borrachos asked Hermana Harston if she was a mother. And then told her she was "very pretty". We got outta there as fast as we could.
Now, for the spiritual part!
Something that built my testimony this week was sacrament meeting. IT WAS SO AMAZING! It started during the sacrament. I heard a cup clink into the tray and I thought of a coin clinking into a deposit box. I thought of all the chances I've had to take the sacrament and how much Christ has paid for me. It's a lot. I'll never be able to pay it back. Then, the speakers just killed it! The first one talked about how the Lord chastises us because he loves us. I thought of my call to be a leader and how it's necessary for us to chastise the sisters we work with (and ourselves) because we love them and we feel the Lord's love for them. Then, the next speaker talked about how we need to see every moment of ever day as an opportunity to serve. I thought of how we can better serve the sisters and show them that we are true disciples of Christ. It's something I'm going to work on this week.
I also had a pretty cool future family thought. For FHE each week, I'll teach my children the 42 principles in the lessons in Preach My Gospel! With 10 weeks for movie nights and barbecues. It's a genius plan.
I've also been thinking a lot about our examples and how many words we speak with just our actions. It's a lot! We have to be so careful around people and truly show them that we are disciples of Jesus Christ.

Well. That's about it. Have a miraculous week and we'll talk to y'all later! Have a stellar regular person day!

Hermana Kennedy

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