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Monday, September 14, 2015

A shortcut to the mushrooms

The mushrooms
WELL. This week was super eventful! Here's the run-down:

Monday: P-day. Hermana Blackmer packed. We saw Michael one last time. We lost him in our area split. But, he committed himself to be baptized on October 3rd, so it was worth it! And then we went to say goodbye to our branch president and his family, and pretty much the entire branch was over, so we said goodbye to everyone, took some pictures, ate some cake, and went home to do what we do best: sleep.

Tuesday: Did some service at the food bank. Hermana Blackmer said goodbye to Gray, and we took some pictures. Then, we had the awesome experience to take a new missionary out for about an hour to experience mission life! We picked up Sister Christensen, and we went tracting. Surprisingly, everyone was SUPER nice and we even found a pretty solid potential that wanted to start testing the waters of other religions. It was pretty cool. We had a dinner break that consisted of sitting in our car eating hi-chews until we saw a part-member family. His divorce should be finalized within the next month or two so that they can get married and he can get baptized! He's so excited! Then, we saw Amigo for the last time. :( I'm so sad to leave him, but I guess I'll see him at church and everything. After, we saw a recent convert/ less active family that fed us cheesecake and gave us balloons. And a lot of shoes. They're so awesome. I LOVE the members here in Yakima. Then we went home and packed some more.

Wednesday: Well, I said goodbye to Hermana Blackmer. But, I got to say hello to Hermana Brighton! We went to the transfer meeting, took her stuff back to our apartment, did some service at the food bank, went food shopping at Wal-Mart, and then went to the part-member family's house for dinner. They fed us chile reyenos. They were SUPER hot, but delicious. :) Hermana Brighton and I survived. Then we saw Gray and we started teaching her husband, Jeshua! We've been trying to teach him this entire past transfer! #miracles And then we saw a less-active family that had a part-member family recently move in with them! We stopped by and taught the plan of salvation, and we're going to start teaching them now! All the transfer miracles.

Thursday: Hermana Brighton unpacked, I wrote in my journal, we did some orientation for our new area, and then we went and did some service at the Salvation Army. I love the people there. They are so amazing. After that, we walked, knocked, and OYMed people. Had some lessons with them about miracles and whatnot. We had dinner with some members who were kind enough to pick us up and drop us off at our appointment after dinner. We were dropped off in a trailer park and our set lesson canceled with us, so we walked, knocked, talked, saw some less-actives, and had some lessons. Because what else are walking missionaries going to do? Then, the members picked us up and took us home too. My legs really appreciate members now.

Friday: Weekly planning. It was super difficult. Most of the people we saw were in the other part of our area, so I had to do it all by myself with what I knew. I'm surprised it didn't take the entire day. We had pasta for dinner and we had the car, so we tried to contact some referrals, but we ended up helping people fix their cars... And then we saw a neighbor of some members that we met a couple weeks ago. They're a young couple and let us right in! We had an awesome first lesson with them, and they're preparing to be baptized on October 3rd! They're super cool. I'm excited to work with them.

Saturday: Well, we didn't have the car today. It was 90 degrees with no clouds in the sky. And we walked about 7 miles. Guess who's red? Yo. But it's ok. We talked to so many people and had so many lessons! We even found some new investigators, saw some of our other investigators, and got rides from members! One of our investigators lived at the Mexican Frat house. His name means "eagle" in Spanish, so that's what his name will be. He's an amazing guy! He's very polite and has some pretty cool vision in life. He's a very philosophical Mexican. Anyway, we had a 15 minute dinner before we had to leave for another appointment. We saw Gray and then some members stayed out with us from 7 to 8:30. They even drove us home! #mylegsaresodead

Sunday: Church. I tripped up the stairs on my way to the organ. It was pretty loud. Who's a clutz? Yo. We saw Eagle again and gave him a Book of Mormon. He's super excited to read it. Had some dinner. Pasta again. But with some salad and chicken and brownies because a member made it for us. We saw a less-active who just got back from Mexico and doesn't want to come to church. Awkward... And then we saw the couple we met on Friday, gave them a Book of Mormon, and had a lesson with the family next door since they didn't come to church. They had a good excuse. A good family friend was in a pretty serious accident, so they were at the hospital. They're cool, though, and they're coming out with us this week!

As for the subject line, yesterday while eating dinner, Hermana Brighton and I heard some pretty funky noises outside. So, we went outside to find two little girls cutting up mushrooms on our air conditioner. I still have no idea why.

Brief description about Hermana Brighton: She is from Texas. She's the 3rd of 6 children. She's good at math and science. She's a pro in Spanish. She talks to EVERYONE. She is fearless. I love it. She's pretty funny and a seriously dedicated missionary. She just came from Royal City serving with HERMANA HALL! All the connections... She's also a cousin of a good friend of mine, Michelle Dart. Didn't know that.

Hope you have a miraculous week! Keep on keeping on!

Con carino,

Hermana Kennedy

Hermana Brighton y yo.

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