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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Missionaries sang as they walked... and walked... and walked....

Me with a mustache and my duck Fernando.
Bienvenidos a todos!

Well, this week was pretty crazy. SO MUCH happened. Here's the chronology of events:

Monday: P-Day! The member we do laundry with gave us a ton of pears, so now I don't know what to do with them. If I could can pears, I'd totally do that, but alas, nobody has time for that. After P-day, we knocked on a less-active's door to find out that she had moved. So we taught the guy behind the door, set up a return appointment, invited him to the branch's fiesta on Saturday, and moved on with life. We saw Gray and her novio and taught them the gospel. He's not quite ready for baptism, but at least he's willing to listen to our message for her sake! And then we saw another investigator and set up a return appointment. It was an eventful night.

Tuesday: We had an awesome district council about church. Church is so important. Sundays are a stressful day for missionaries, but I've learned that we should forget about our worries on Sunday and take the time to rejuvenate ourselves. We need some rest from our labors, and Sunday is the day to do it. What do you do to use Sunday as a day of rest? After district council, we split some apples open with our hands and left to do the work! Hermana Brighton and I walked all day. We OYMed a drunk guy that told us about every person he'd ever known who had died. We met some people that were traveling from Chelan to California. And we walked. And talked. And walked. And sang. And walked. We had dinner with a member who was kind enough to give us a ride and then we saw a recent convert/ less active family and taught them the plan of salvation. :) As we left them, we were walking and we saw a kid walking down the street, so we talked to him. It turns out he's scared of walking home in the dark, so we walked him home. And got a return appointment out of it. We tried to see some other investigators, but they weren't home. So we OYMed a lady outside, and she asked if we were walking. We said yes, and she offered us a ride home. More like demanded that she give us a ride home. We accepted and taught her the Restoration while we drove home. She was actually pretty interested, and nothing bad happened, so... #thethingsIdoasamissionary

Wednesday: We did some service at Northwest Harvest making lunches for schoolkids. And then we stopped by the mission home to get some maps from Sister Lewis. We now know our area. It's a miracle. And then we went home for dinner, saw a less-active and her two less-active daughters who were willing to listen to the gospel again. Yay! All our plans for that night fell through, so we knocked the door next door to the part-member family we were going to see because they looked Mexican. They were and they let us in and listened. They laughed during the opening prayer, so that was fun. And then when we went to say the closing prayer, we were laughing for about 15 minutes straight. It was bad. But hey! They're pretty cool and interested. The little girl already goes to Activity Days with the part-member family, so... they're pretty solid.

Thursday: We had about an hour before some service, so we picked a street and knocked it. There were so many golden people! BUT, they all spoke English. :( Oh well. The other sisters (who were on exchanges) picked us up. Hermana Bailey and Hermana Taua were together for the day, and we spent the two hours of service we did at the Salvation Army plus dinner together. And then they drove us to our area. Our appointment fell through, so they took us to another part of our area and dropped us off before they went back to their area. We knocked and talked and walked and talked and met some awesome people and then we walked the 3 miles home. And NOBODY cat-called us. Until we were about to turn onto the street that would take us home. The elders happened to drive by at that moment and scream "HEY" at us. We almost died of fright. And then literally 2 seconds later, somebody cat-called us. So close. So close.

Friday: Weekly planning. And then we had a lesson with Gray and her novio and some members. 2 hours later is was time to go home, but they promised to go to the fiesta on Saturday! Something good came from it. You can never go wrong with member present lessons.\

Saturday: We went to an awesome family history fair, so now I'm all excited about family history. If I rant about family history, blame Sister Lewis. It's all her fault. We went home, had lunch, finished weekly planning, and walked about a mile and a half to the church for the fiesta. On the way we met a guy who worked at a coffee shop and was walking home. We told him we didn't drink coffee. He asked us why. We taught him the Restoration, and he liked it. He understood everything and got our beliefs. It was pretty cool. We ended up walking him home and then we went to the fiesta, shredded some chicken, took some pictures, and talked for a little. Our investigator won the best sopes contest! She was so excited! But, as soon as we got dragged into the conga line, we knew it was time to leave. Mexicans can party. We left and walked down the street until we saw some longboarders that had some interesting questions. We answered them and taught the Restoration and invited them to church. It was pretty cool. Then, we walked back up to the church to see if the members needed help cleaning up. They didn't, so we stole our investigators who came and the branch president and had an awesome lesson in the foyer. The sisters came and picked us up so that we could actually get home on time, though.

Sunday: Church was amazing! Pretty much all the less actives in our area came! And then the 3 new sisters had to speak, and we did a musical number, so the entire branch was in tears, so, yeah. It was pretty awesome. All four of us sisters had dinner at a recent-convert's house and then we went our separate ways. Hermana Brighton and I spent the night contacting referrals. We tried by 5. We only met 1. But it's ok. We'll contact them all this week.

That's pretty much it folks! Have a miraculous week! And get on that family history! Your spiritual thought this week comes from Moroni 7:4-5: If you are truly the peaceable followers of Christ, you will walk as Jesus walked. You will do the things He did, and by your fruits others will know you. What are some of the fruits of your efforts to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

The coolest wall ever! It's the world with all the temples as little dots!

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