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Monday, May 11, 2015


Hermana Taua and I! Love it!

To begin my letter today, I would like to thank all the women in my life who have had a profound impact on me. Here's a few: (I apologize in advance if you are not listed. You can write yourself in if need be.) MOMMY! Grandma Dupaix, Mary Dupaix, Rebecca Brown, Carrie Gritton, Sarah Holgerson, Susannah Liddle, Kathryn Lyman, Keri Jensen, Shannon Weaver, India Sherman, Alison Tucker, Sydney Sands, Michelle Dart, Clarissa Reed, Sarah Parry, Nicole Saville, Michelle Unice, Tawna Allen, and all you other wonderful women! Happy Mother's (or future) Day to you all!

Um... So, with transfers this past week, nothing really new or exciting happened. I did get to eat some pesole with jalapenos with some investigators last night for Mother's Day. And they invited us back for more tonight! So, we're going to eat some more pesole! They're a really sweet family, but the dad won't let his wife be baptized. :( (I also found out that Hermana Taua can't handle jalapeno peppers. She learned her lesson, though!)

Speaking of Hermana Taua, she's the best! She's from Hawaii and is so sassy! I love it! We're practically the same person! Our favorite color is red, we need our daily dose of sugar, we both love to accessorize, we both committed to work out every morning, we both love music, etc. Etc. Etc. Basically, we're praying that we'll stay together for the next 9 months because we've already seen miracles! Watch, we're going to be separated next transfer. The Lord always has his sense of humor.

In other news, up here in the Wenatchee/ Chelan/ Manson area, they celebrate Apple Blossoms! And I mean celebrate. There's parades and pageants and all the good old stuff for 3 WEEKS. Not 3 days. 3 weeks. Which, I'm not complaining about. We get to go to the parades and talk to everyone and see all the cute little band kids marching down the street in the little feathery hats. Sadly, we can't ride the dancing horses with our Hispanic investigators. :( Also, I get to drive in this area, so all I see is the boring road! I don't get to see the beauty of the green mountains or the blue lake. I just get to see pavement and yellow lines. The Lord really does have a sense of humor. He sends me to the most beautiful place in the mission and makes me drive so that I can't take pictures or appreciate any of the scenery. This is what P-day is for!

Anyway, it was great to see the family yesterday! Only one of them wrote me. I guess seeing my face was their letter to me this week. So, thank you everyone who wrote me this week! (And to my family too. I guess they're alright. ;))

Have a miraculous week, and go be the missionaries next door!

Con carino,

Hermana Kennedy

P.S. Thursday is Michelle Dart's birthday! Everyone should send her a birthday email! Her address is I know she'd love it!

And Pictures!!!

Moses Lake Peeps!
Specifically, Hermana Hall and I with a member in 8th ward, Hannah
Adams. She's awesome. Love her.

My Moses Lake Spanish District! From left to right: Hermano
Perez (branch mission leader), Elder Wakefield, Elder Watkins, me,
Hermana Hall, Elder Pullman, and Elder Walimaa.

Me and Hermano Perez

Me and the Ixchiu family! (Recent converts/ part member family)
They're amazing! I love them so much! We're weird, as you can tell.
Me with the June sign. (For obvious reasons).

Our recent convert, Brianna! (She was baptized the 27th of December).

Me with one of our investigators, Jackeline and her son Jaythen.

Me with the Bifanos! My parents away from home. They're amazing. I love them.

Me with my recent convert, Emily! She was baptized is January.

Me with the people at Daily Dose: Virginia y Arturo Mancilla, Maria
Alvarado, and Anna Fox!

Chelan, my new area.

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