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Monday, May 18, 2015

6 MONTHS!!!!!

Me in Chelan.

Well, tomorrow, I will be turning 30 in mission years. I'm getting old! Pretty soon I'll have a cane and a grandma dress when I step off the airplane in one year. Time flies too fast when you're in the
service of the Lord!

SO. This past week. Well, we struggled at first. It was raining and we were lazy. We didn't want to do anything. We both don't really know this area. Etc... BUT, here's your day-by-day rundown.

Monday we were able to have a wonderful lesson with one of our investigators who tends to feed us every time we go over. Whether it's chips and watermelon or pesole. She's probably one of my favorite people ever. Now, she just needs to get permission from her husband to be baptized, so if you all could pray for Hermano Valdevino's heart to be softened, yeah, that would be great.

Tuesday we had a great lesson/ language study with a Taiwanese exchange student living here in Manson. She comes from a background where she doesn't believe in God, BUT, we taught her to pray. AND SHE PRAYED. AND IT WORKED. Needless to say, she believes in God now. It's
still a hard concept for her to truly understand and know, but she believes! Also, I learned how to say "I love you", "I miss you", "excuse me", "sorry", "thank you", and "goodbye" in Chinese. And in
Samoan too. And I got to teach the exchange student and Hermana Taua how to say all of those in Spanish! It was a great language study in the middle of the day. We should do it more often. We also saw our on date, Maria, and were able to teach her about the ten commandments. Hopefully she'll be able to be married soon so that she can be baptized on her scheduled date!

Wednesday we got to teach and testify of the peace the Atonement brings to a woman who's been going through a really rough family life right now. I don't think she quite felt it, but hey, a seed has been planted!

Thursday we had a wonderful day! We taught a family that has an autistic daughter. Immediately, I could connect because of my dear brother Will. My experiences with him helped me to bring peace and assurance to this family, so thanks for being you Will! Couldn't have done it without ya! They're going to try to come to church. By the time we left their house, their autistic daughter was begging us to stay. It kind of broke my heart to leave, but we had to leave so that we could have some awesome member present lessons! The members here in Manson spoil us. They sign up on our calendar every day of the week to come out with us. It's so wonderful. Yay for missioanry-minded wards!

Friday, we did a lot of weekly planning and were able to have one member present lesson with the mother of the autistic daughter. She is truly developing a testimony for the gospel, and I can't wait to see where it will lead her!

Saturday, we had an amazing zone training meeting in Wenatchee. We got to ride the bus down. One of the themes was light and how when we are filled with light, we are able to cast out all darkness. Light comes from truth which comes from testimonies which come from the Spirit. i would encourage each of you to share a little light with someone else this week by telling them a simple truth such as: "the gospel of Jesus Christ has blesses my family" or "I know this church is true". See
what a difference it makes.We also gave service for a 2hand store here in Chelan. We dusted. A lot. Thank you mom for teaching me how to dust. The little old ladies there really appreciated it. We had some wonderful other lessons and talked to some less actives about the temple. Hopefully they'll be able to go again soon.

Sunday, we had stake conference. It was full of spiritual enlightenment which is only for me and I can't share with you because I don't think it will have quite as big an impact. I do think I should
share one experience though. The stake president here talked about how snakes will stay at the edge of trail paths, but they'll never be in the middle. (Forgive me if that's false doctrine. It was from an
experience that he had while hiking. Don't shoot the messenger.) He related that to the strait and narrow path of the gospel. If we're in the middle, it's just fine. We'll be tossed and turned around a lot,
but we'll never be in any immediate danger. It's when we stray to the edges of the path that we have to start worrying about our eternal salvation. So, stay on the middle of the path! Life is so much better
there anyway. Had some other lessons, and I got to pet a pig!

I think that's pretty much it for this week. I'll send pictures sometime. Keep looking for the little miracles that happen every day, and I promise you'll be able to see them! I love you all and sustain

Con carino,

Hermana Kennedy

Me and President Ware.

Me in Chelan. I'm not a vain picture taker at all.

Hermana Taua and I on a totally "ratchet" day.

Me teaching the restoration to some llamas, Kuzco, Opal, and Sasparilla.
We heart attacked our recent convert, Cathy's door.

I present: The mustaches

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