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Monday, February 2, 2015


I need to come up with more creative subject lines, I know. A day may come when I have a creative spark, but it is not this day! (Maybe that could be the subject line...?)

ANYWAY. In missionary news,

Nobody was baptized or confirmed this week.

Nobody was on date to get baptized this week.

2 of our investigators were at church.

We had 5 lessons with a member present.

We had 6 other lessons, but only in our 9th branch area and not our 8th ward area.

We have two progressing investigators in 9th branch. None in 8th ward.

8 received referrals.

1 contacted referral.

4 new investigators.

5 lessons with recent converts or less active members.

As you can see from this key indicator report... We got nothing to indicate. This week was a hard week, especially because it was Super Bowl week. Everyone's a Seahawks fan. Everyone doesn't care about the Gospel because they care more about a bunch of guys throwing a ball. Not cool, Satan. Not cool. BUT, I'm sure everyone has been sufficiently humbled in Washington to realize that they need something better in their lives. Something like.... the restored gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! This week is going to be better. I feel it. This week was also super hard because we didn't have a car for four days. It takes around an entire day to walk the whole area that we cover. But, our legs are buff and in shape, now. Hopefully the rest of our bodies will be by the end of our missions. Also, if you're a returned missionary, you should go on splits with the missionaries. They really appreciate somebody who doesn't mind tracting with them for 2 hours. It's pretty sweet when you have a sister RM who's willing to drive you and be with you for 4 hours of the day. It certainly increases your chances of getting in doors and actually having lessons, too!

This week was President Interviews, and I love them! Everyone should have a personal priesthood interview once a month! It's so amazing! We also had exchanges this week, so I got to do some work in the YSA area with Sister Allred (who's from Utah!). WE HAD A CAR. Which was good because we had to go out to the college for institute! (I met a Whovian who was wearing the 4th Doctor's scarf. We had a fabulous conversation about how the Gospel relates to Doctor Who.) We also knocked on this one woman's house who had a sign that said "Remove thy shoes!" I'm pretty sure you need that sign, mom. I'm pretty sure it's scripture. Somewhere in Exodus when there's the burning bush and Moses. Also, I discovered that all college students have cats and all other people have dogs and more dogs, most of the time they're chihuahuas. Nasty. Anyway, we got our car back on Friday! We missed Toulouse so much. 9th branch also had a fiesta which included pesole, horchata, and Latin dancing! Loved the pesole. Loved the horchata. Ran away when it came time to dance.

Also, this week we focused on following the Spirit, and MIRACLES CAME. But only when we really tried to follow the spirit. Listen for the spirit. Just shut up and listen for like 30 seconds everyday. When you do, miracles happen!

My motto for this next week is something President Ware shared with us:
President Hinckley taught truth; “The best antidote for worry is work. The best medicine for despair is service. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired.” Keep working hard and the Lord will bless you!

Love you all! Have a miraculous week!


Hermana Kennedy

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