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Monday, February 9, 2015

My trip to Washington

Distrito en fuego!
The story behind the subject line: It seems that every day whenever we approach a door that's open or a house where the family is staring at you out the window, I trip. I'm a tripping. Every day. It's great. It makes for a pretty great ice-breaker as well, so no complaints here.

So... The first week of February. I guess it was ok. Pretty much every lesson we ever planned fell through, though, so we got to meet a ton of new people! We had a record of 49 OYMs this week. (An OYM is a time when a missionary approaches a person they've never talked to before, explains that they're representatives of Jesus Christ, tells a restored truth about the gospel, and leaves them with an invitation.) And we talked to more people than that! It's pretty great. The only set lessons we seem to have is with our recent converts. And even then, surprise birthday parties for the recent converts are thrown in the way... Story to be explained later.

SOOOO..... Thursday was the miracle day this week! We began by serving in the Catholic soup kitchen. The dishwasher, Grandpa Bob, came up to us and told us "You tell your bishop that Grandpa Bob says that the Mormons need a soup kitchen". Bishop Hansen, I have now told you. Feel free to get on that whenever your heart desires. Or whenever the Spirit prompts you to do so.

Then, we went to go see a lady we met a couple of weeks ago, but she wasn't home, so we knocked the apartments around her. One Spanish lady opened her door and gave us the whole "Somos Catolicos" deal. But, we kept talking to her and she let us in. We taught the Book of Mormon (in Spanish). And then she asked us what we thought about teenage pregnancy, so we taught the Law of Chastity. She liked it. (Her 19 year old son's 17 year old girlfriend is pregnant, so that's why.) We set up a return appointment for this Tuesday, and hopefully she'll become a progressing investigator!

Then, we went to go see our recent convert, Emma, with another recent convert family, the Hi-Chews. But it was Hermana Hi-Chew's birthday, and Hermano Hi-Chew threw a surprise birthday party for her. So, we showed up to the lesson and pretty much the whole branch was there. But, they had food, so it was all good. I taught Emma the Book of Mormon while Hermana Cain taught the Hi-Chew's non-member son. Divide and conquer has never had more meaning to me.

Saturday, we found a secret hidden corner trailer park that has no name but is full of Latinos! #MosesMiracles We'll be doing a lot of week there in the coming weeks.

The funny moments from this week:

Thursday during 9th branch coordination, Hermano Perez (our Branch Mission Leader) brought cookies and milk. I was only eating the cookies. He asked my why I wasn't drinking any milk. I told him that I didn't want any milk. so he told me to "drink the darn milk!". So, he poured me a glass and while I was drinking it, he made me laugh and it came out of my nose and onto Hermana Cain's coat. It was pretty funny. Although, milk coming out of your nose is kind of nasty.

Also, Hermana Cain was sick this week, so she apparently sounded like a cat being strangled. It led to this redneck quote: "Man, I hate it when them birds choke on peanuts. They sound like cats being strangled."

We also met three dogs yesterday whose names were Cocoa (she was a brown pug), Banshee (a Dalmatian) and Littlefoot ( a German Shepherd). And then two Corgis that we named Max and Charlie. They're super cute and follow us everywhere.

Spanglish joke of the week:
Me: "... juzgados."
Hermana Cain: "Whose gatos?"

Have a happy Valentine's day! Or just be aware of how single you are. That works too.


Hermana Kennedy

So we recreated the picture behind us. I think it's pretty legit. 

Hermana Cain with Charlie and Max.

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