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Monday, February 16, 2015

Holy Boldness!

Sister Thompson, Sister Maez, Hermana Cain, y yo. 

Well, last week was my first transfer week out in the field, so my first zone is gone and another has come. We are down to four sisters, though. I'm really going to miss Sister Gamble (she went home) and Sister Allred (She got transferred to Richland). But, we still have Sister Maez and Sister Thompson, who are no longer walking missionaries!

In other news, I don't really know what to talk about this week. I guess the weather. The sun has finally made an appearance, so the skies are no longer gray and cloudy! It's been really nice weather--sweater weather, in fact. No more boots. No more coat. I only have to wear one nametag. It's pretty exciting.

Um... This week was pretty slow. Really slow, actually. Until Friday. We had a surprise training for new missionaries who are on their second transfer in the field. IT WAS AMAZING! I don't have my journal with me, otherwise I would just type up my notes and send them to you. I guess what I want you guys to do is study 2 Nephi 31 and 3 Nephi 11 this week then start to live the doctrine. If you don't know what the doctrine is, it's a five-step process! The first step is having faith in Jesus Christ. The second step is repentance. The third step is baptism (or the sacrament). The fourth step is receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost (or seeking the Holy Ghost always). And the fifth step is enduring to the end. LEARN IT. LIVE IT. LOVE IT. And I'll be following up with this commitment next week, so I'd suggest that you'd do it unless you want to see me be devastated.

And then Saturday came. The most unromantic Valentine's Day of my life. I LOVED IT! We went around having lessons with people about how much God loved them. We had a ton of lessons and got three new investigators! #MosesMiracles Oh, and we had dinner with some lovely members who made my favorite just for me. I really felt the love. They gave us a chocolate / candy care package, so don't worry. I got something for Valentine's Day.

I think that's about it. Besides the fact that we met a new friend this week, Toby, who likes to bite skirts. And we have new faces all over Moses Lake. That's different. Oh, and we learned all about how to have Holy Boldness (Having a balance of spirit and boldness when we teach). That is pretty much why we did so well on Saturday. It's pretty great.

Oh, and one more thing. White people are rude. Don't be rude white people that tell the sister missionaries to drop dead on your front porch. Just don't be rude. Other people really appreciate it.

Have a miraculous week!


Hermana Kennedy


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