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Monday, January 26, 2015

Miracle! Miracles everywhere!

From left to right: Hermana Kennedy, Hermana Cannon, Emma, Hermana Cain, Hermana McArthur (My MTC comp!)
OK. The week of January 19th to January 25th. And go:

Monday the 19th: We found out that we won't have a car for four days this week, so we began preparing ourselves mentally for that. We also had a lesson with one of our converts about missionary work and sharing the gospel on social media. I'd encourage each of you to create a account and share something spiritual on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other sites EVERY WEEK. #spiritualsunday #mormonmonday #templetuesday #webelievewednesday #throwbackthursday (to pioneers, etc...) #faithfulfriday #saintlysaturday Just some ideas for you.

Tuesday the 20th: Had an awesome district meeting about being examples of Jesus Christ in EVERYTHING. Definitely something we all can work on is developing Christlike attributes. Find one and work to develop it this week. We met our new ward mission leader for 8th ward. His wife is a ward missionary as well, so we're excited to start working with them! They have a huge great dane who's a foot shorter than me... And he sheds a lot too. But, oh well. Este es la vida.

Wednesday the 21st: We talked to everyone about the gospel today! And we met a ton of less actives in 9th branch! Hopefully they'll all start coming to church again... We also OYMed this golden couple IN SPANISH!!!! I understood the entire conversation, and they want to come to English class and church! We're going to get them to come this week. They even complimented my Spanish!

Thursday the 22nd: We talked to a lot of people today, too! We had dinner at Taco Bell because our dinner fell through, but man, I needed those cinnabon delites. Mmmm. We had English class, but nobody was there, so we had Spanish class instead. I learned that I can't speak Spanish. Fancy that. Gift of tongues is so real.

Friday the 23rd: Weekly planning day where no actual planning got done! Because we taught everyone! Well, one person, but hey, one person is enough. We also found a secret less active whose records weren't anywhere and invited her to church. But, at 8:30, our investigator who was getting baptized the next day at 12:30 texted us and told us her mom wouldn't be home until 2 the next day, and she asked us if we could move the baptism to 3. So, we called our ward mission leader and everyone else who was involved, moved the baptism to 3, and attempted finishing our weekly planning. No go, but we tried.

Saturday the 24th: The sun was out today! Emma showed up to her baptism at 3:30, but she was there! With her mom! And her sister! It was amazing, and the spirit was so strong! Hermana Cain's trainer, Hermana Cannon came from Yakima to see the baptism because she's pretty much the reason Emma decided to get baptized. It was awesome. Then, 10 minutes after the baptism (the first house we knocked on) we found a new investigator! He's so prepared to hear the gospel, and we can't wait to see him next Friday. Also, we discovered that family history is a great way to get people into the church. You should all encourage someone who's not a member to come with you to do family history. It's awesome!

Sunday the 25th: Emma was confirmed!!!! And nothing else that happened today really mattered because of that.

Hope you all had a miraculous week!

Con mucho amor,
Tu favorita,
Hermana Kennedy

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