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Monday, January 12, 2015

Expect Miracles

Hermana Kennedy and her Companion Hermana Cain

Hola mi familia!

Este Semana: (Also, no real names will be used except my companion's name)

Monday: We had a miracle lesson with a new investigator, Hilary. She just wants to know what church is true! We haven't been able to see her since, but we're sure she is progressing.

Tuesday: Yeah. Today was a horrible day, BUT, we worked at the food bank and got to bag frozen peas. So much fun. After that, everything in our life fell through, and nobody was home, so...

Wednesday: I almost got kidnapped to Utah. We obtained a ride from a member whose name will not be disclosed for legal purposes in order to go to Kennewick for our trainer trainee training. She was driving to Utah and was thinking about taking us with her. But, she didn't and we got to see the Columbia River temple instead! We also had a miracle lesson today with an old Catholic lady, Ashley, who is so open to the gospel and relates so well to all of it! We're meeting with her again tonight at 8. :) She makes me super happy!!!!!!!!!

Thursday: Today was pretty pointless, BUT, I got to practice my Spanish. We started teaching this lady named Sweet. She was originally being taught by the elders, but they gave her to us because her husband didn't like the fact that she was being taught by 2 guys. HER SPANISH IS SO FAST. The only reason I could understand it was because the Lord blessed me with the gift of tongues! It's real. It's really real. She has a ton of questions though, and is a solid investigator!

Friday: A fabulous day. Hermana Cain and I taught Sister Silver. She's been praying every day since we last met with her, and she has changed so much!!! She's so much more open to the gospel now, and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for her! We also did weekly planning and had dinner with an awesome Spanish family, the Avacados. Their son served in Ogden, and the mom, Marianne is from Guadalajara. We had some bonding since Nate served in Guadalajara.

Saturday: We had Zone training today. Our zone song is "The Family is of God". Yeah. I had never heard of it either. And now it's stuck in my head every day. We had dinner with a wonderful family, the Bufandos. He gave us our spiritual thought about how God's ways are not man's ways. Man would want a person to change his environment in order to change his nature. Christ changes nature and then the people change themselves. It was an awesome thought and definitely one to ponder. We had an awesome member-present lesson with our on-date investigator, Emma. She's so excited to be baptized! But, the rest of the night, we had no lessons because there was a Seahawks game. Everyone here is a Seahawks fan, and you don't interrupt their football time. Don't do it. Bad things happen. You'll get chihuahuas sicked on you.

Sunday: I'M BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND CHURCH IN SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing what's possible with the Spirit. We had two miracle new investigators today. One is the dad of two of our investigators, Jack and Will, and the other is a single mother Jennifer. #werebringingformersback

My spiritual thought of the week is to expect miracles. There can be miracles when you believe. (It's a song from the Prince of Egypt. It's also Hermana Cain's and my theme song. Listen to it.) Faith and works produces miracles. So does exact obedience! Look for a miracle every day this week, and I promise you will be able to find one if you're doing everything the Lord has asked you to do!

Funny: Two of the elders in my zone were commentating our basketball game last Monday. Their conversation went like this:
Elder Rosero: "You know, Elder, we're so in sync that we finish each others..."
Elder Richins: "Sentences!"
Elder Rosero: "It's sandwiches, actually."

Frozen references EVERYWHERE.

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

The Columbia River Temple

The Columbia River Temple

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