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Monday, December 21, 2015

I Wanna Wish You a Merry Christmas from the Bottom of My Heart!

De las hermanas Kennedy y Johnson. 
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well. Let's talk about this week:

Monday: P-day. We taught Natalya about the Book of Mormon again and helped her commit to read it everyday.

Tuesday: Christmas gatherings! We performed our zone musical number which we had never practiced, and it turned out super good.We also performed our sister musical number which we had never practiced, and that went super well too. And we got to watch Meet the Mormons. And, it was an MTC district reunion! Except for Elder Harward, Elder Young, Hermana Hawkes, and Hermana McArthur. We came back to Wenatchee, had dinner, taught 3 investigators super awesome lessons and turned in around 9:30.

Wednesday: Studies, taught a recent convert, let Hermana Johnson do some pre-RM training. (It's a thing. I'm terrified.) Chose a street by the Spirit and found a new investigator. DIned. Taught some recent convert/ less active lessons and called it a night.

Thursday: IT SNOWED. And the tread on our tires was 2/32. ... Which we found out after a cop had to stop traffic so that we could get unstuck from the side of the road and he politely told us that our tires were illegal. BUT, we still managed to have 2 very depressing lessons with our on date investigators who actually both fell off date. :( And then, we drove to the other side of the river in un-plowed roads with our horrid tires for our coordination meeting, just to find out that we didn't have one. And we were the only ones that didn't get the text... So we drive home. a 5 minute trip turned into a 45 minute trip and we miraculous made it up the steep hill to our house. Angels really do push missionary cars.

Friday: We spent the good part of our day in Les Schwab getting our tires changed, weekly planning, and talking with sisters. Went home, had a late dinner, and saw some investigators and Natalya again. And then we went on exchanges! I took Sister Van Orden with me to my area. :)

Saturday: Exchanges. They were awesome. No one was home. Talked to a lot of people. Didn't slip in the snow. Didn't die in the snow. Had a lesson with Natalya about gratitude and helped her write Thank You cards for the people that helped with her baptism! It was so cute!

Sunday: Church. An investigator came, and another recent convert/ less active came! It was cool. The rest of the day we spent trying to find a place to live. No success yet, but the Lord provides.Took a break to have dinner, perform in a Christmas devotional, and then spent the rest of the night packing and helping some sisters out. :)

Well, as you know, this week is the week of Christmas. Something that always comes to my mind around Christmas time is gratitude. I've been thinking lately about my gratitude and whether or not I'm showing enough of it. I don't think I am. To anyone. But, this week, my heart pours out in gratitude every day for Christ and what his birth truly meant for me. Yesterday in gospel principles, our lesson was on the 3 levels of Christmas. The first level is the more temporal things--gifts, Santa Claus, days off of school, etc. The second level is a little more spiritual and it's remembering Christ's birth and celebrating it. The third level is where we apply and are grateful for the Atonement, the reason why Christ was even born. I pray that I will be more grateful this holiday season. I know as I am, the Spirit of Christ will truly touch my heart and help me to be grateful always.

Also, I've been super bad at doing the monthly #wewriteofChrist spiritual message... This month, it's supposed to be "what does Christmas mean to you?" Yesterday, our investigator shared his testimony in Gospel Principles. It was so profound and heartfelt, and he just needs to commit to be baptized. Anyway, the teacher asked me to share my testimony after, and I talked about light. Christmas, to me, means light. #christmas. Think about it. There's all this symbolism of the Christmas story about light. The star was the light for the wise men. Christ is the light of the world. In the Spanish scriptures, giving birth is written as "giving light". In the Spanish version of "Silent Night", it's night of light, night of peace. Even Christmas lights make everything so much brighter! I hope that we all have the light of Christ shining within us and that others will be able to receive that light from us as well.

Feliz Navidad! Prospera ano y felicidad! Recureden la razon por este tiempo, y sonrirse. :)

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

De las hermanas Kennedy y Johnson. (Jajaja. All the politics.)
And Sisters Van Orden and Robalin too.

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