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Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Time is here...

Natalya's Baptism!
As you all are well aware, Christmas time is here. Which means that it's the craziest time of year for everyone! Here's the run-down for this crazy week:

Monday: P-day. Saw one of our on dates and found out that our Restoration DVD has the biggest scratch ever on it. Also, did some STL counseling. (Meaning that we spent our night helping out sisters in our stewardship.) Also, our on date for this Saturday, Natalya, didn't show up for her baptismal interview... And she wasn't home when we stopped by... (Insert panic attack here.)

Tuesday: Zone training meeting. Guess who had to speak? Us. Did some sister missionary couples counseling after and went on exchanges with the Chelan sisters. I brought Hermana Olguin back down to our area which I still didn't know, and we had an awesome night working with members that neither of us knew! It was great. We even saw Natalya. She was so sad because she knew she missed her baptismal interview because her dad wouldn't let her get baptized. He thought that Mormons couldn't have quinceneras, and he really wanted to buy Natalya's quincenera dress. Hermana Olguin could testify that you could be Mormon and still have a quincenera. #exchangemiracles

Wednesday: We worked our area on exchanges. Talked to a lot of people. Drove up to Chelan. (I went home! And saw people I knew!) Drove back from Chelan. It was Hermana Johnson's birthday, so I decorated our room and left her a little present. She loved it. After that, we went to Natalya's house because her family prepared a birthday dinner for Hermana Johnson. It was delicious. And much needed. And we found out Natalya could get baptized! So, we set up her baptismal interview, called our district leader, and set it up.

Thursday: Great day. Saw a recent convert, and on date, and Natalya had her baptismal interview. We had a lesson with her mom who's a less active with an active member. It was super awesome.

Friday: Weekly planning. Awesome lessons. Sleep.

Saturday: Natalya got baptized!!!!!! And we had to stay in the church building from 11 to 4.... Finished weekly planning. Had a lesson with an on date and dragged him to our ward Christmas party. Natalya and her family came along with Claudias (the on date).

Sunday: Church was awesome. Natalya got confirmed. And we went out and talked to people for the rest of the day, because we didn't have time to do good work this week. So we talked to 10 new people, found a new investigator, and had a great day!

Spiritual take-aways from this week. So, something I learned from exchanges was that if we are led by the Spirit, we'll be exactly where we need to be exactly when we need to be there. That was the case with Natalya on Tuesday. We saw her at 8:55, and it was something that needed to happen. Something I've been pondering lately is that the Spirit is called the comforter. Sure, it's because he can comfort us, but also because he gets us out of our comfort zones. When we're outside of our comfort zones, but we have the Spirit with us, we're inside the Spirit's comfort zone. His comfort zone is pretty much the entire world. It means that any situation can be comfortable if we're focused on the Spirit. It goes back to that saying, it's only awkward if you make it awkward. It's all up to you and your personal worthiness.

I also have a testimony of service. Decorating our room for Hermana Johnson's birthday was a small thing to do, but it made all the difference for her on her birthday. In return, I fell and scraped up my knee pretty bad, and while I was cleaning it up, she made me some hot chocolate. We have zero companionship problems because we take the time to serve one another. To fold each other's laundry, clean up the bathroom, make hot chocolate, or whatever. I think it's truly the way that Christ would live, and it's really made a difference these past two weeks.

Enjoy the Christmas spirit, and make sure to give. Give others the gospel. Give them Christ. Your life will be infinitely more blessed for it. I can think of no other better thing to be doing right now than being a missionary. Have a merry, miraculous Christmas!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Kennedy

Hermana Johnson y yo

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