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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day and Testimonies

Hola a todos!

This week was exciting but not at the same time...'s what happened this week!

Monday: Well, we went up to Leavenworth for our P-Day. It was beautiful, but the best part was when we went to the chocolate store. Yes. Sweet, hand-crafted, German chocolates. And we met this guy, Nate. Our conversation started with "have you seen Vikings?" "No, but I'd like to." "Well, why haven't you seen it?" "Well, I'm a missionary." Oh. We bought the chocolates and left to buy some gingerbread. Then we saw him walking and asked him to direct us to the fudge shop. (We really wanted sugar, ok? Don't judge.) Then, he took us on a whole tour of Leavenworth, asked us what our purpose was as missionaries, and accepted a Book of Mormon. We also met with a part-member, less-active family and had an awesome lesson! The less active son said the closing prayer! Miracle!

Tuesday: Well, we attended our Mission Leadership Council in Yakima. Hermana Dee and I wore the same skirt, so that was pretty cool. We talked a lot about becoming recognizable disciples of Jesus Christ through our conduct, our language, and our appearance. I learned a lot, especially about how I do my hair. So, we'll be working on that this week. :) We also talked about changing the culture of P-Day from being a day off to being a day of preparation. It started today, and we've already seen so many miracles from being more exactly obedient!

Wednesday: Our car was in the shop, so a member drove us up to Chelan for a meeting, we had a good meeting, then a different member drove us back. Then, we walked and talked. Members were nice and gave us rides, we met a Buddhist, and then a member took us out to see her injured nephew. And then stayed with us for the rest of the night and drove us around everywhere. It was so much fun! She's so awesome!

Thursday: Meetings. We got our car back, and we went to the Food Fair as part of the Apple Blossom Festival. Members paid for our food, and we got to talk to some pretty cool people! Oh, and Hermana Harston got some gluten free crepes. :)

Friday: We drove up to Chelan to meet up with the Manson sisters to drive another hour up to Omak to their Zone Training Meeting where I learned once again that my hair has to be done well if I want to be a recognizable disciple of Jesus Christ. Then, we came home, did some weekly planning, went to a classic car show where we saw some of our investigators, and then saw a less active family and taught them the plan of salvation. They are taking it step by step to come back to church, but they'll get there!

Saturday: We had an awesome Zone Training Meeting where I got to give my departing testimony. :( And then the zone had a party just for me. A birthday party and a funeral party. Gifts included. I got the dating and eternal marriage edition of the New Era, a pair or ripped Elder's pants, and let's not forget the ice cream cake shoved in my face. Oh well. And then, remember the guy from last week, One? So, he's in California right now. So, we texted him and he actually responded. And then we called him, and we just followed up with his reading and his praying, and then he kept the conversation going for about 20 more minutes! So, we just taught him a lesson and prayed over the phone. He was so happy we found him, and he's already seeing his life change from the gospel! Anyway, it was super awesome.

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day! Well, the most exciting thing was teaching Relief Society about prophets and apostles because Elder Christofferson is coming this week. Oh, and we had steak and salmon for dinner. And it was delicious. I also got to practice the piano for an hour while Hermana Harston talked to her family, so that was fun. :)

So, I have shared my testimony a lot this week and I always take for granted the testimonies that we do share. They can have a huge impact on other people, more than we can see. Something I love about testimonies is how different they are each time you share them. The first time I shared my testimony this week, I talked about charity and how I have grown in the pure love of Christ on my mission. The second time, I shared my testimony about seasons and how there's different times for everything. The third time, I shared my testimony of the Doctrine of Christ. Ultimately, those are the basics of what I have learned on my mission, and it's been amazing.

Anyway, I love each of you and I hope you have a miraculous week! Give your mothers a kiss for Mother's Day!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

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