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Monday, July 27, 2015

No scalps this week

Our investigator who's preparing for baptism! I found him and gave him a bag of pretzels!

Well, this week was CRAZY! Here's the breakdown:

Monday: Contacted some referrals. Saw one of our on dates for baptism. He's totally prepared and loved the plan of salvation.

Tuesday: Did some service at the Food Bank. Saw one of our other on dates and taught her the plan of salvation. Bit confusing for her, but still good. Saw a less active. Did some finding. Ate some dinner. Saw some other people. And ended up at a part-member recent-convert family and put the nonmembers of the family on date for baptism after teaching them the plan of salvation. Pretty good night.

Wednesday: We had an awesome district council, watched some 80s missionary videos, did some service at the thrift store, saw a couple of our investigators, taught a lesson to some nonmembers at dinner, saw our other on date and he committed to get Sundays off! Yes!

Thursday: The on date that we saw on Tuesday dropped us while we were doing some service for her. We were ok with it. As we were leaving, she turned to us and said "You know, I was kind of terrified to tell you guys I didn't want to be baptized. I thought you were going to scalp me or something!" No scalps this week. After our lesson with her, we did some finding, ate some dinner, saw a new investigator that really wants to act on the message! She's so awesome! Totally going to be baptized. Then we taught Spanish to one of our less-actives (who came to church on Sunday!). And he sent us out with our own bag of goodies which included an entire box of strawberries, coco water, and a dessert. For each of us. He's the sweetest guy ever.

Friday: WEEKLY PLANNING! We planned. And then we had a ward pot luck for pioneer day, and the on date that we saw on Monday came! Where one of the less-actives told him that it was ok to have a cup of coffee every once in a while... Visit planned. Topic: Word of Wisdom. BUT, he still promised to give up coffee because he knows it's bad. Then, we saw the on date that we saw on Wednesday. He won't be able to get Sundays off for about a months because everyone just quit, but he promised to keep progressing to baptism. :) Good man, that one.

Saturday: Did some service. Got lost and almost drove up to Brewster, but because maps are in every pocket in our car, we were able to get unlost and then run home panicking because we thought we left our member's dog outside. We got home to find her inside. Perfectly fine. Horrid thing, that one. After that, we found some people in Manson to teach, saw one of our recent converts, and went to a member's house who has an ice cream machine because we got transfer calls.

Sunday: Church was morbid. Talks about death and how it was good. Which isn't bad, but when you have an investigator whose son just died, it touches a little too close to home... We went home and cleaned for our members who got home late last night. Their animals had done their business in various parts of the house, so that was fun. Then, we saw a less active family and the on date that came to church, the activity on Friday, and that we're focusing on this week. :) It was super fun and he enjoyed learning about the gospel. He's excited to start living it too.

As for transfer calls, here's what went down:
1. My trainer, Hermana Cain, is now a Sister Training Leader.
2. I'm leaving Manson and Chelan.
3. To go to the Yakima Valley South area.
4. With my trainer's last companion, Hermana Blackmer.


Should be fun.

Well, hope everyone had a miraculous week! Keep on keeping on, and I'll be back!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kennedy

Say Cheese!

Hermana Streuling y yo.

Our cleaning pictures. We're that awesome.

The Missionary Maids

And my favorite less active family!

Picture Time!

Lake Chelan

My animals. :)
The dog, Ebony.

The cat, Gracie.

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